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I am finally done with school for a few weeks. I almost don’t know what to do with myself! I asked my kids this afternoon what we usually do on Friday nights. They just looked at me and said, “nothing….”  huh. I can’t remember doing much other than school and work and the occasional load of laundry for the past five months. It seems funny that I spend so much time cramming more information into my head and yet…I can’t remember what day of the week it is. I was talking to a colliege at work today about math classes and drew a total blank about a class I recently took. I know I took it. I remember crossing it off my to do list, but I honestly could not remember when I took it. It took me a solid ten minutes before I remembered I took it last summer. Scary.

I say I’m done with school for a few weeks, but I still have ‘school’, meaning I work at a school. We have a few more days before we are officially on winter break. It seemed like the universe was telling us we needed to start our break today though. If today had been Friday the 13th instead of the 14th, I think I would have gone home early and hidden in my closet. Things were on the verge of out of control. Loads of people were home sick or went home sick, doors would not open, three copy machines were being haunted by evil demons, ceilings were leaking, and we almost ran out of pizza. These are the things that can make or break a person. I got to be in the front office to cover for one of the ‘home sick’ people, so maybe I just had a closer view of a normal day? I doubt it….

In spite of all the craziness that went on today, I still love being at my school. It is just a happy place. Yes, even when second grade is replaced by wet gremlins. I still love it. As annoying as it may be to hear thirty plus kids a day call me mama and hang on me at recess and any other time they see me, I love it.

Last night we had a holiday concert and it was….amazing from the audience view. Backstage….a bit crazy, but then again…maybe normal from that view? I’m still new. One of the girls that daily hangs on me and calls me “mommy!!” at the top of her lungs was there. I saw her come in with her real mommy. Her eyes lit up and then she looked at her mom. She dropped her eyes a bit and just said, “hi.”  Well! I guess I know what it’s like to be the secret mistress now. I always wondered what a mom would think if she say her child calling the playground lady ‘mom.’ Now I know….they don’t know. It made me laugh a bit. I just smiled at her and kept on going. I mean, I’m not going to blow her cover…..cause I said so.


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