layered socks



I sat down to write this post last night but I go interrupted. Then I sat down to write it this morning but had to deal with other things. I took my laptop to work with me and attempted to write on my breaks. Alas, instead of my normal lonely breaks, I had tons of people dying to talk to me. So here I am, at three thirty….trying again. I have a hair appointment at four, so listen fast.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to write something incredibly witty about life, love and the pursuit of casual Friday or if I wanted to expound on the frustrations I and my sister have experienced this week. Then I thought about writing on the wonderment of being a new grandmother. The problem with that one is whenever I think about my grandson all I want to do is hold him. He is adorable and sweet and goes to his mommy when he cries.

Inspite of all these wonderful topics I had rolling around in my head vying for my attention, I choose to write about singing monkeys and the smell of human.

I can’t help it. School is where I am most of my waking hours during the week. I play with, teach, clean up after,chase, discipline, and run from children for almost eight hours a day. It is truly the dream job. Well, right after mom-to-toddlers. I do actually love my job. I have a ball talking to these kids and hearing all the interesting things they say. I can honestly say that I learn something new almost every day I am in kindergarten.

This week we were talking about our five senses. The day we covered smell was my favorite. I think it started when the teacher asked the children to tell her what they smelled. Hello….she had this coming. There were good answers….flowers, cookies, my feet, Colton, and somebody’s fart. We changed strategies at that point. The teacher passed around envelopes with ‘smelly items’ in them for the kids to smell. After they smelled all the packets, she asked them what kinds of things they thought they smelled. They were pretty bright. Lemon, peppermint, pepper, ‘pepper-corn’, and “human.” The teacher nodded her head enthusiastically at that one. Yes, she knew what smell the boy was referring to. She started to snicker and look at me with a funny look. I had no idea how she got the human smell in an envelope. I imagined her slicing a thin strip off her arm, or maybe cutting bit off her dead husbands corpse in the basement….I was starting to edge towards the door when she explained. “It is the smell of onion.”

Hmm. I didn’t know humans smelled like onions. I mean, I know we are like ogres in that we all have many layers, but….onion? I wonder what kind of people this child and the teacher both live with. Onion people? I’m gonna have to go smell my kids. I always thought they smelled more like bananas, snicker bars, and dirty socks.  Cause I said so.


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