and the nominations are…..



I’m not one to toot my own horn usually. I mean, there are way too many people out there that are more awesome than I am. I prefer to sit back and give them silent applause instead of getting up and jumping on couches about my own accomplishments. That’s just how I am.

However, every now and then, I can’t help but look at something I’ve done and think to myself, “that was amazing.” Sometimes it is just a subtle little feeling of ‘self-awe’ and other times it is something so overwhelmingly unthinkably wowish that I just have to share.

You may be thinking to yourself, ‘she must have gotten an A on that ridiculously hard research paper this week.’ Or maybe you’re thinking, ‘she finally got all that hair out of her drain stop in her bathroom.’ Truly, those items would be worthy of world wide acclaim and recognition, but alas….not the case today.

Let me back up a bit. A few weeks ago, I was browsing through my daily Groupon ads and came upon one for a “neon splash dash.”  What in the heck is that you might ask, as did I. Well, let me tell ya. It is a 5K (interpreted as 3.1Miles) run in which the ‘runners’ are squirted by people on the sidelines (less cool non runners) with neon paints. At the end of the race, the cool racers go to a party with a black light and glow the night away.

Now I am NOT a runner. My sister tried to ‘teach’ me to run about a year ago and it was an epic fail. I can get through the day without passing out, but when I run I apparently stop breathing so, pass outs are pretty much a real possibility.  When I saw this ad, and saw how ‘short’ it was (insert laughter here) I decided it would be totally doable and FUN for me and Sarah to do. I bough tickets, told Sarah about it, and started to train. Sarah is totally excited about it and is telling all her friends. She is also kicking my butt when we go running. I think its the shoes…..

My back had been a bit sore last weekend due to sitting around watching conference for eight hours so I had been taking an Advil now and then. I was determined to do a run last Tuesday at the gym so I took a nice big pain pill…800 mg I think. When I started running, I could feel the shooting pain in my shins starting up. Oops…..but then, a wonderful thing happened. As I kept running, I felt the effects of the Advil wash over me. My legs stopped hurting and I could keep running! It was awesome! I ran/walked 5K that day. I felt like a real champ. yay me!

Now that feat, surely is due some silent applause and couch bouncing! Truly, but the real kicker is this. It is now Sunday, 5 days after my epic run, and I am in so much pain I can hardly walk/sit/squat/breathe/sleep/etc. I realize that what I did was mask all feelings of ‘over doing’ it during my run. I completely ‘ripped’ my body. I went back Thursday to do it again, (duh) and couldn’t run quite as far. That is when I hit me what I had done.

So, the award I am giving myself today is called the official Idiot award. Please do not sent flowers or edible arrangements to the address not listed below. Knowing that the world of people that follow my blog now know what a complete moron I am….is enough for me. It feels good to share, truly it does. And in case you were wondering,  yes, I do plan to go to the gym again this week AND complete my ‘run.’  Even though I feel like crap and can’t move faster than a one hip grandma, I’m hoping my butt is going to look amazing after this. After all, no pain no gain, right? Cause I said so.


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