Random acts

I love doing unexpected things.  Giving unexpected gifts is my favorite. When I lived far from family, I would send ‘prizes’ in the mail now and then to let them know I was thinking about them. I don’t do it as much anymore….for a lot of reasons.

It isn’t as much fun buying unexpected things for my kids, they don’t seem to appreciate things very much and….they have everything they need and mostly want. At least the things I can afford. I’m sure if I unexpectedly put in a pool while they were at school they would be a tad excited….for a few days.

People don’t surprise me much. Maybe it’s because I don’t show excitement enough. I learned a long time ago that getting excited about something usually meant it wasn’t going to happen. Maybe that is why I have made some regrettable choices lately. I’ve trained myself so well to not get excited that when I’m not, it isn’t a warning sign. Oh well, life goes on.

Sometimes people do unexpected things that aren’t fun or exciting. I read somewhere….probably on Crackbook,  that someone saw a man cross the street to the medium to pull a Romney sign out of its frame so he could crumple it up and throw it in the trash. I’m all for not litering but, seriously? Free speech my man, free speech.  Another incident, one that really blew my mind happened to my daughter’s friend last week. She and her mom and sisters were all standing by the side of the road in front of their house waiting for the school bus. A car came tearing around the corner and hit a dog right in front of them. The car pushed the poor dog past two houses before it came to a stop. Then the car backed up and went around the dog and on to its destination. The poor girls were all in shock and started crying. The dogs’ owners came running out, obviously upset. The man that owned the dog carefully carried it home where they attempted to assess his condition.

This was a horrible thing, but it gets worse. Before the dog could be fully checked out or even taken to the vet, the driver of the car returned to the scene and demands insurance information from the dogs owners. Apparently, when they hit the dog it caused some damage to their car. They had a $250 deductible and wanted some cash.

“Dramatic pause”

Does this seem downright  wrong to anyone else out there? I was just….amazed when I heard this story. I can’t imagine the nerve of someone to not only hit a dog and ‘run’, but then to return and blame the dog’s family. Hello, the driver was speeding and not looking and, well, heck! Accidents happen! Makes me want to smack someone.

The really sad part of all this is, the driver had a case. If they had taken this ‘case’ to a judge, most likely the dog’s family would have to pay because their dog was out.  It really makes me think. Back when I got my new car in ’09, I hadn’t had the car a month before I backed over a shopping cart and marked up the back. I guess I should have sued the grocery store for my ‘braille driving’ and had them fix my car. Who’s the idiot here? I’m not really sure…..cause I said so.

Photo  credit: http://www.wormsandgermsblog.com/uploads/image/Dog%20shopping%20cart.jpg

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