Wing a ding ding

I’ve never been afraid to fly. Seriously. I’ve tried to be, but never could work myself up to feel that way. Maybe it is because the thought of getting somewhere far away without having to sit in a car for hours or days is so freaking awesome, I just can’t help but love flying. I didn’t actually fly for the first time until I was nineteen. Or eighteen….I forget. I had graduated from high school and was living with my infamous room mate Tammy. I had promised my high school boy friend I would take him to California with me so, we went. My good (but crazy) friend Tawnya  had moved out to California so we went to visit her. It’s funny….I can remember her living room, but I cannot for the life of me remember where in California she lived. My very first airplane ride and I don’t remember where I flew to. Sheesh.

Anyway, the point is, I was not then nor have I ever been afraid to fly. Part of that comes from logic. Logic is something I use now and then in my thinking, but I try not to go overboard with it. My motto is “a little logic can go a long way.” Words to live by. It makes “logical” sense that a pilot of  a plane would fly in a way that would keep him/her alive, so the rest of us should not worry about it. I guess I put a lot of faith in the pilot of a plane.

I flew home from Utah last night and might have discovered something that could shake my faith in pilots. I sat next to a wonderful gal named Mika that I instantly liked. We chatted in line and decided to sit together when we discovered the very first row was open. Hello! All those 39 people in line ahead of me must have been blind! That was prime real estate people! I love the first row for two reasons: 1. Leg 2. Room.

As we sat there chatting, waiting for the rest of the saps to sit in the less awesome seats, Mika looked past them into the cock pit where the pilots were getting ready to fly us home. She started snickering at what she saw so I had to ask about it.
“The pilot is eating fishy crackers.” I was a bit stunned…..I guess I always assumed that the men/women that flew these huge metal tubes through the air at incredibly fast speeds would be spending their food inhilation time with smart foods like salmon and oranges and such. Gold fish crackers, while very tasty, are a bit lacking in the cerebral nourishment area from what I have read. I was even more surprised when Mika told me the pilot took the possibly empty ‘carton’ of fish and tossed it up in the windshield of the AIRPLANE.

Seriously? I had to look around and see if possibly Leslie Nelson was on the flight somewhere. It seemed way to much like something I would have seen on the movie Airplane if my mother hadn’t driven us out of the drive in when I was in fourth grade. She didn’t think it would be ‘that bad’…..we left right after the ‘jello’ scene. yeah……  Leslie was no where to be seen. Isn’t he dead?

Anyway. Either I have had the entirely wrong opinion of pilots for all these years OR goldfish are the miracle food. Maybe that is why so many toddlers eat them. Here we thought they were the perfect little chubby hand sized snack food when in fact, that is why all these young kids can program their parent’s phones now. Who knew? I feel a bit jipped….I’ve been avoiding goldfish crackers because I thought they would make my butt no longer fit in my jeans. Maybe, if I ate more of these little golden wonders, I would be able to solve the national budget, or instigate world peace.

I’m feeling inspired already, just thinking about goldfish crackers. I think I’m going to Sam’s club tomorrow…I need a gallon sized carton to eat while I take my math final tomorrow night. At this point, it couldn’t possibly hurt….cause I said so.






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