cheese nuts

I am in the mood for cheese. Lots of swirling, creaming, spicy cheese. Put it on chips, in a tortilla, over a burrito….heck, I’ll dip my finger in it at the point. I have been eating pretty good this week and I’m in the mood to splurge!

Okay, I’ve had pasta (four bites), bread (convention center food isn’t actually food), and chocolate covered apples (and potato chips), but no cheese! I’m stuck at the airport with a bag of bird food (trail mix) and a huge hankering for cheddar and all the stores just closed.

What is a girl to do? What can you do when the thing you desire most is out of your reach? I guess I could look at pictures online of cheese….would that be considered porn? Looking at pictures of things I desire but can’t have?  Hmm…I wonder.

My late husband used to tell me that the shows I watched on DIY and HGTV were ‘women’s porn’ because they made me ‘lust’ after beautiful, clean, decorated homes that I could never have. I don’t know about that…..I’m pretty sure the ‘rush’ the shows gave me are not the same as the chemical reaction people get when they look at porn. I don’t really know, seeing as I don’t actually partake in that particular activity, but I’ve ‘heard’ about it.

I think the difference, at least with home improvement tv vs porn is that my shows inspired me to pick up the living room, paint the bedroom, and plant a garden. Pretty sure the ‘inspiration’ that comes from the other option is a bit more selfish and lacking in ‘home improvement’….if you know what I mean.

Not really sure why I decided to write about this today, but there it is. The verbal vomiting of a woman stuck at an airport with a craving for cheese. Too bad Wendy’s just closed…..or is it? Do they use real cheese? And would they have agreed to put 10 slices of cheese on my single burger….for a small extra charge? Sigh, guess I’ll go back to eating trail mix and licking the inside of my cheese it bag. It’s better than nothing I suppose….cause I said so.






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