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People are so great, they just make me smile. I love how unpredictable people are. I am one of those people that just assumes everyone is good until they decide to prove me wrong. That being said….I don’t think I actually ‘know’ any BAD people, and if I don’t ‘know’ a person….how could I judge if they were good or bad? I guess that means there are no bad people in my life.

I truly believe that what Dr Greene says in his book, “The Explosive Child” is true for all people. People are good when they can be. It’s a true statement that sometimes people do bad things. But I really don’t think anybody, deep down, WANTS to be bad, I think they are just in a  situation or frame of mind, that causes them to do bad things. Or they are too stupid to know when they do something bad.

I will admit that it is very possible that I could be completely wrong about this. I don’t know everything, nor would I ever want to come across as someone that thought they knew everything.  But I think it makes a nicer world when you assume people are good. Why go looking for the bad? You find what you are looking for….

Being good when you can be can also be applied to musical performers. I went to a trifold concert tonight with my sister. The first ‘band’ was….how do you say it…. ‘awful.’ They were loud and abrasive and best when heard from a block away, wearing ear plugs. The last band was a woman who’s name shall remain Lita Ford. As my sister’s fiancé stated….’she looks amazing for a 90 year old!” She isn’t really 90, but she is ‘seasoned.’ It didn’t help that she made a point to mention she was part of the second video shown on MTV…..nothing like dating yourself Lita! She definitely had a lot of energy, but she didn’t sing the same notes as the guitarist was playing so…it made it controversial in a way I don’t think she intended.

Continuing on with the topic of rock and roll….I went and saw Rock of Ages today. Sigh, I had such high hopes for the movie…..but alas. I must admit, the music was outstanding. I loved, I repeat LOVED how they entertwined all those great 80’s songs into new butterfly creations. It was amazing. I just wish they didn’t have to go all ‘chicago’ on me and show about 60 too many sets of butt cheeks. The final straw was when Alec Baldwin and Russell brand decided to show how “versatile” they were as actors..and they kissed. I’d like to take a moment and send a memo out to every actor in and out of Hollywood. Ahem, when you show your “versatility” in this way, all it shows me is that you have ZERO standards and morals. Any and all respect I may have had for you instantly leaves, just like I did in this movie. Yes indeed….I walked right out. My only regret is that I did not walk out sooner. I admit I sat in the theater with my eyes closed for about half an hour, just because I thought the music was so great. When the wannabe fags kissed I suddenly realized, I could just buy the soundtrack! Yep, out I went. EWW!

So, to return to the topic of people being good…you may wonder how it all ties in with my movie review. Well, first off, let me remind you that this is my blog and I don’t have to tie anything together if I don’t want too. Secondly, It totally does tie in. People are good when they can be. Actors are good when they can be. I think the root of the problem here is the directors of the movies because, as we all know, they are not actually ‘people’ but aliens sent here to send the human species into a downward spiral in which we destroy ourselves so the aliens can take over without feeling guilty for actually ‘killing’ anyone with their own hands. Instead, they brainwash us and force actors to make horrible movies to lure us into submission.

It could be a far fetched idea but so is thinking that anyone in their right mind would enjoy seeing Tom Cruise with his shirt off…..cause I said so.



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