blow on it

Do you ever wonder why the Wizard tells Dorothy and her companions to “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain?” I have. I mean, I know the whole wizard of oz story and all that, but why doesn’t the ‘wizard’ want everyone to know he can do all that cool stuff? He has obviously wowed them with something to get where he is, so he must have been a pretty creative or capable person.

I think about days when I feel like I have single-handedly moved the earth through all my driving around and basic ‘mommy work’ and I wish someone would pull those curtains aside and see what I’m doing. I’d like them to say ‘holy cow! look at what this mom has done! She’s amazing!” I am not trying to toot my horn, it isn’t like I cured world hunger or solved the national budget, but darn it…I feel like I’ve done some good stuff.

Instead of seeing all I do, it seems that some people like to point out the things I don’t manage to accomplish. Some people think I should have different priorities and like to give me suggestions. I appreciate those that care and want for me to be happy but, I don’t really think it helps sometimes.

Remember the saying about not really being able to understand another person until you have walked a mile in their shoes? I think it is totally true. I look at some people and wonder how (and sometimes why) they do what they do. Some people make choices that I would never make. I am sure there are folks that think the same things about me.Truly, my shoes are big enough for most anyone on earth to fit into, and and maybe even two small anyones, but I don’t think the actual ‘shoes’ are the ticket here.

I might complain at times about all the stuff I have to do. I have to run kids around, grocery shop, shoe shop, clean, get gas, go to school, go to church, go to meetings, water my garden, pay my bills,….etc. etc. etc. A helpful person might say to me, “here, let me take half those things away and you take a rest.” But seriously, I love being a mom. I would be lost without kids to run, a house to clean, church to guide me, a garden to make me smile, school to explain math, gas to make my car go, and those super cute white boat shoes I bought today. Yeah, I’m completely beat (and broke) after all my errands today, but I had a really great day hanging out with my son. I got to visit with my sister. I got to meet some interesting people, and I got some inspiration for my book.

I think we all complain about our”to-do” lists, but I’d hate to have nothing to do. I’d hate to have no one to take care of or no where to live. Everybody has their own life and responsibilities and priorities. I don’t think we can put ours on anybody else, or take on someone elses.  The trick is to make things work together and appreciate what we can do instead of dwelling what we can’t.

For me, what I can’t do is one more thing today. I am completely beat, fried, tired and full. Of course, I did leave the water running in the garden….so, maybe one more thing….cause I said so.

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2 thoughts on “blow on it

  1. I don’t think we can put ours on anybody else, or take on someone elses. The trick is to make things work together and appreciate what we can do instead of dwelling what we can’t.
    well said… great post… now get some rest 🙂

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