I go through ‘spirts’ in my life. No, that isn’t a misspelling, or typo, you might THINK it is spelled with a u, but I prefer the i. It just has more of a short lived squirtiness to it that way(also a word). What I am talking about are short periods in my life when I get all ‘fired up’ about something and actually focus and do something well. These ‘spirts’ don’t usually last very long but they are a breath of fresh air when they come along. Most the time, I am running through my life like an energizer bunny on speed with a broken gyroscope for direction. I do a lot of things, but nothing overly well.

Some of my favorite past ‘spirts’ have been when I’ve focused on organizing, cleaning, scrapbooking, exercising, and my Stampin’ Up! business. Its true that I work on all of these things all the time, but now and then, one of them will step forward and demand to be made a priority in my life. It’s nice to be able to dive into something I enjoy every so often and really give it my all. Everything else gets pushed to the back and waits patiently for the next tide. Especially laundry…it will wait forever…

So far this summer, the only thing I think I have been ‘focusing’ on is my kids. I miss them when they are at school all day so when they are home I like to spend time with them. Its fun to just hang out and watch movies or play games or even read a book.(this usually turns into a nap for mom). Today we are hitting the water park again, slathered in SPF4000. I got about two hours of sleep last night so…it will be fun.

I feel a spirt of focus coming on in two areas lately. One is my book…I really wanted it done before July 4th…..and the other is my Stampin’ Up! business. The stampin is a bit easier because I actually have deadlines and people expecting things from me. Our new catalog just came out so that makes it even easier. The other thing that fuels my desire to ramp up the Stampin is seeing the awesome stuff my downline makes. They are such a creative bunch of ladies!

I was at the post office mailing out packages to my group today and had the funniest experience. The lady behind the counter was a very serious, Asian woman. She didn’t crack a smile or make chit chat. I asked her if she had any tape to help the Priority envelopes stay shut and she didn’t even pause or blink as she added tape. Still determined to make some small talk, I mentioned that maybe the dry weather was making the adhesive not stick this time of year. She very sweetly said “Maybe you have no skill”….and then, she gave me a sly smile.  It made my whole day. I hate it when people that are in customer service are grouchy. I always try to talk to them and make their day better. She had me fooled…and then made my day better. Maybe she was right, maybe I have no skill, but I tell you what, She has got some mighty good skill. Cause I said so.



Photo credit: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://travissentell.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/pr-ninja.jpg&imgrefurl=http://travissentell.wordpress.com/writing/screenplays/space-ninjas-from-outer-space/&h=685&w=397&sz=35&tbnid=VLBog-G8mRxFkM:&tbnh=92&tbnw=53&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dimages%2Bof%2Bninjas%26tbm%3Disch%26tbo%3Du&zoom=1&q=images+of+ninjas&usg=__lL2b_DIJihkyHtpt331aUBqakx8=&docid=KeSvGyDlXXz6ZM&sa=X&ei=jxLRT4-_AaSj2QWxlIG0Dw&ved=0CFAQ9QEwAQ

One thought on “kapow

  1. You DO have skill! Many Skills! One of them is the “People Skill”…you are amazing with people. The love you have for the humans around you is obvious in all you do. When I’ve brought my friends over to stamp/scrap, they all tell me how very sweet/ kind/ talented/ fun you are and how much they adore you… I do however think you could better use your recent creative “spirt” by coming to my house and helping me revamp my files. I know you can do it…because Imthemom

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