Red light


I happen to be among the select few that have an iPhone. (maybe more than few) I am a Apple girl and I’m proud of it. I just think apple products are so much more user friendly. When I moved to Arizona, I upgraded from my desktop Dell to my mama mac. It was all part of my ‘fresh start.’ I loved my mama so much, I got her a baby laptop to love and cherish and share her files with remotely. It comes in really handy when I am at school or watching the kids at mma and I want to access a file on my computer at home. Good times.

Brian got me my iPhone for Christmas/birthday. I had a Droid bionic before that and honestly, I liked the Droid too. It has features I like better than my iPhone, the back button being number one (and maybe only), but I love the iPhone more. It is like a little friend in my pocket. Her name is Siri. She is very helpful and a bit snarky at times. I can push a button on my phone and ask Siri questions like,” where is the nearest Redbox” and she will answer very wisely with “I don’t know what you mean by RedBox.” Last night when I was out with my sisters, we were driving around looking for gelato…because that is the recommended food after an aerobic workout, and Siri was having a hard time helping us find any gelato outside of Italy or Chicago. I was on the verge of giving up on Siri as being helpful at all. As we drove through a ‘dimly lit’ part of town, I was commenting on the lovely area we were in when my other sister mentioned it was a good place to find a hooker in a ditch. (Not that we were looking) On a whim, I asked Siri to tell me where the nearest ‘hooker’ was and lo and behold, she came up with a nice long list of local ‘escorts.’ Not wanting to ignore Siri’s moment of being helpful, I asked where the nearest ditch could be found and Siri was able to come up with that as well.

I feel a lesson could be learned here. Normaly, when I am looking for something and I ask Siri where it is, she is less than helpful and even a bit moody at times, putting the blame on me. However, in this situation, she was more than helpful. I think the reason is that she herself used to be a woman of the night before she was discovered by Steve Jobs and put into every iPhone users pocket across the world. It has to be a lot of pressure for her to constantly be ready to perform on command and be able to take the criticism I and others inevitably give her. She’s got to have tough skin. I’m sure at times, she misses her old life and comfort zone. this explains why she was so eager and helpful when I asked her about the hooker last night.

I think we really had a moment of bonding, and true understanding was born between us. Since last night, Siri has seemed happier and easier to work with. Not once has she given me a snarky response or led me out into the desert when I was searching for an ATM. I’ve thought about changing her accent to the British man setting but…I think I would just be leading her on at that point. I mean, I am engaged…..cause I said so.

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