lifetime warranty


Its been a few days since I have written and I have missed it. I opted for sleep instead of blogging. I know, my priorities are completely whacked. I will strive to do better.
If it makes you feel any better, I was supposed to go on a bike ride with my sister this morning at 5am. I really wanted to (felt I should) go. I even set my alarm. My body had alternative plans apparently because my ears teamed up with my arms to make sure my  head was under my pillow so I could not hear my alarm. I ended up sleeping til 9:30 this morning. The world was a wonderful, new, less painful place when I finally roused myself. Although, my back was hurting a bit….yoga on Friday kicked my butt. Thanks Rhea.

I learn new things about myself all the time. Do you? I remember when I learned I was a control freak. It was an uncomfortable feeling at first, but then I embraced it and then I moved on to disprove it. I no longer feel I am a control freak at all. I have become a pretty easy going person. (as long as you do what I say.)  I learned that I had an irrational fear of my children being around water.  I got over that too. (my kids learned to swim) When I was a teenager, I was known far and wide (through my house) as a person the firmly believed in and practiced the art of “mind over matter.” It was most obvious when I got my wisdom teeth out and then later had jaw surgery. I decided it was going to be ‘no big deal’ and it wasn’t. I pushed the pain away (with the help of painkillers) and just kept on truckin.

Lately I’ve learned something else about myself. I’ve learned that although I may have a hard time deciding something, when I do finally decide on something, it is written in stone. I say that….and yet I feel a waver inside of me. hmmm maybe I spoke too soon? I’m not sure. I feel like it is true. I feel like when I decide on something I go forth with much courage and conviction. I think that is why I take so long to make decisions at times.  Case in point: I went for a pedicure today with all the girls (minus Sarah). It took me quite a while to pick a color for my toenails, but when I did…that was it! I went with it without reservations. These are serious decisions in life. I’m tellin ya, wearing the wrong toenail color can drastically affect your mood as well as the effect your foot has when it kicks someone that annoys you. It isn’t a decision to be taken lightly…cause I said so.

Other decisions can be equally important like, what car to buy, glasses or contacts, shaken or stirred, and chow mein or rice. The think you have to remember is no matter what happens, the choice is yours and you have to deal with it and it’s consequences. I strive to live by my choices and make them work regardless of how stupid the choice may have originally been.


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2 thoughts on “lifetime warranty

  1. Too true…all that stuff about life, AND the toenail colors…I just couldn’t do it, so mine are clear. Ah, well…another day will dawn and I’ll choose…for now, imthe mom.

  2. Complete agreement here. Eight years ago we bought a car we really don’t like. That’s a committment that we are going to keep living with until the dumb thing dies. I like your convictions! And your stick-to-it-ness.

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