There is nothing better than knowing that someone not only reads my blog, but thinks it isn’t a total waste of their time to do so. I received this blog honor from fellow blogger over at New View From Here. I really enjoy his blog and am honored that he enjoys mine!

When a person gets this nomination, there are two steps. First, I am to share 7 unknown facts with my readers and then nominate 15 other bloggers. Here goes….7 unknown facts about me in no particular order other than how they bounced into my head…brace yourself.

1.I stole a small Winnie the Poo plastic cup from my neighbor when I was seven. I reached through the chain link fence and just snatched it. I kept my marble collection in it for years. I still feel guilty about that….it’s the only thing I ever stole.

2. I hated chocolate until I moved in with my roomate during college. She was addicted and coerced me into walking to Dairy Queen late at night to get peanut buster parfaits. I blame her for my love of chocolate, and fluffy hips to this day.

3. I don’t like Tim Burton movies. In spite of the fact that they are very well made, the macabre element in all of them disturb me and give me nightmares. Yes, I’m a baby.

4. I’ve never been mean to my baby sister. I was a beast to my other siblings, so when Baby was born….at my age 14….I swore I would never hurt her, yell at her, or be mean to her. This could explain why I moved out when she was four. The things we do to keep our promises….

5. I love old black and white movies. When I was a newly wed and ‘broke’….our entertainment consisted of whatever we could do for free. The library had free movie rentals so we spent many a night watching old Bogie and Bacall movies. I still love them and the memories they bring.

6. I am directionally challenged. Okay, so this fact is probably well known by my family and close friends, but they don’t read my blog often. (losers). I absolutely can NOT remember where N, S, E, and W are. I hear knowing that can really help navigation but…why would I want the creators of my GPS to feel unneeded? I want them to feel good about their efforts. See how kind I am?

7. I am afraid of the lawnmower. Okay, so not so much now as I used to be, but I didn’t mow the grass until just recently. And that was only because I had to step into dad shoes after Brad died. I absolutely refused to learn to start the mower or attempt to mow the grass until that time. I had a friend in high school that lost a toe to a mower and that was enough for me. Some things are just Guy Jobs.

So…there are my seven random facts. Now I get to nominate 15 other bloggers to the honor and we all get to know about them!

Again, in no particular order, here are some bloggers that I think are pretty amazing.

1. Sassy Sass over at http://artoflemons.wordpress.com makes me laugh with her snarky view of mommy-hood

2. Elizabeth over at http://sonnemann.wordpress.com has some incredible insight for such a youngster. I love reading her blog….I predict she will be quite the author someday.

3. http://manipalphotoblog.wordpress.com not only has some Ah-Mazing photos, but some real thought provoking poems and quotes. He is also a good writer. Some people have all the talent….

4. Elayna and Myiehsa over at http://thejunoesque.com are awesome cuz they make me feel short! Not really, but they have a wonderful sense of humor for all things ‘tall.’

5. Fellow organizer (is that another unknown fact?) over at http://findingorderincorpusa.wordpress.com has not only wonderful organizing tips, but great quotes and fun reads.

6. Mary has some incredible insight and advise for us all over at http://marysilverwhite.wordpress.com. She doesn’t hold back.

7. Although she doesn’t update it NEARLY often enough, my sister is an amazing writer that will make you laugh out loud. http://rhealynae.wordpress.com

8.Find some awesome diets and health tips at http://health-heaven.tumblr.com, I’m trying the GM diet she recommends starting today!

9. Another great blog with way to FEW entries is at http://imthemom1.wordpress.com. Maybe this will inspire her to write more?

10. Pictures are worth more than a thousand words over at http://photobotos.com. Amazing photos!!

11. Emilie at http://ayearoffhe.blogspot.com has some awesome ideas for preparedness and parenthood. She makes it doable!

12. Find some amazing re-crafting and decorating ideas at http://goodwillionaire.blogspot.com.

13. Betsy is a great author andย  inspiring friend. http://betsyloveldsauthor.blogspot.com

14. Lovely new and creative hairstyles at http://myyellowsandbox.blogspot.com

15. if you are looking for some truly thought provoking writings….go visit the mongoose. http://rabidmongoose.wordpress.com

It is harder than one might think to pick out 15 blogs that are reader worthy. I hope you find something useful in my little list. Old, new, borrowed, blue….everyone has something to offer someone out there. Cause I said so.

6 thoughts on “Honor-rama

  1. Thanks for the nomination! Your blog is great too. Hmm… 7 unknown facts. I really have to think hard about that one, but I am totally with you on the directions thing I have no sense of direction whatsoever and I absolutely LOVE Tim Burton movies…


  2. Aww, shucks! Thanks so much! I’ll have to respond to this in my own blog today…both you and New View From Here nominated me for this award, which is very kind of you both.

  3. Thank you very much for the nomination as well! I have a strong hope that someone will read my posts and think about what I say so that it helps them through their day. This supports my hope and I am glad!

  4. Wow! I’m awestruck that you included insignificant moi. I only know three other bloggers, so i don’t know what to do…If anyone ever reads and responds to mine, I’ll think about doing something. YOU are amazing! I love your blog! I’m so proud of you. because imthemom

  5. Imthemom1….I’m about to go read your blog right after this…so maybe then you’ll know 4 bloggers ๐Ÿ™‚ But seriously, just tell us fun facts about yourself and don’t worry with the nominations. The fun part is reading all the stuff we never knew!

    Like the fact that Becky here is a thief, a bully to all but one sister, and a scaredy-cat!…lol. I’m glad you “accepted” the award, and this post just proves why you are so “award-worthy.” I’m still smiling cause of your “random facts” & as always you provide something very touching with your memory of watching movies with Brad.

    And shame on your family for not reading this awesome blog more often! They better get on the bandwagon quick! ๐Ÿ™‚

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