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Everybody has their “thing.” The thing that they really, really don’t like. For my brother, it is feet. I never knew that until years after I had moved out of my parents house. It makes sense looking back. I don’t remember ever actually seeing his feet. He always wore shoes. Always. I just figured he was a tenderfoot. I, on the other hand, only wore shoes when it was absolutely necessary. Many a time I have gotten stickers in the bottom of my feet, bruises from sharp rocks, and “Arizona black foot” (mixture of dirt and burned flesh from the hot sidewalks here in the

Valley). It doesn’t stop me. Just today I walked through the graveled areas of my yard MANY times while watering my gardens , saying ouch ouch ouch, instead of wearing the easily accessible flip flops by my back door. Some might call me stupid, but…well, maybe I am. Let’s move on.

My sister’s ‘thing’ is teeth. This one is also not suprising as she had a long ‘affair’ with dentists in her youth. No, not that kind of affair, more of the painful rearranging of teeth kind of affair. I was a bit jealous because I had always wanted braces, but after seeing all the pain and suffering she went through I was glad I ended up doing the ‘six weeks of having my mouth wired shut’ instead of the longer route. Still a tough choice but, I got done quicker. (Her teeth are nicer tho)

I picked this picture today in honor of both of my siblings ‘things.’ You see, the shoes pictured are made of teeth. It’s a perfect union, don’t you think? lol They will both probably hate me but, oh well. I also picked this picture because teeth are on my mind. My two oldest children had their wisdom teeth out yesterday. I thought it would be a good idea to do them both the same day so they could recooperate together. Stop laughing. It worked out just fine once the puking, crying, driving, driving, driving, and multiple trips to the pharmacy were done. By the end of the day, everyone was exhausted. Especially me. I fell into bed and was instantly asleep. Today I feel like I have a hangover. (not that I would know what that feels like…) We spent the day lying around watching tv, sleeping, and running to the store for more ‘soft food.’

I kind of like having all my kids at home together. Even if they are all doing their own thing, it feels nice having them here. It takes me back to earlier years when they were smaller and actually needed me. Now, they are mostly old enough to not need me so much…except for food….and to tell me they are bored. I remember the good old days of playing with actual, physical toys. Now, we are past that and if it doesn’t plug in and blink and beep….it is boring. It is a bit frustrating to say the least.

I am dying to get out and do something physical with the kids. My bike is calling me so loud I’m afraid the neighbors are going to report me as disturbing the peace. The weather is at the point where we better use it or lose it. I even WANT to go to the gym. It is maddening! I keep checking my knee in hopes that it has fully healed and is ready to go running. But, it isn’t. At the rate I’m going, I am going to weigh 500 pounds before I can go for a walk without limping. It kind of makes me want to go back to San Antonio and sue the hotel and kick the doctor that sewed me up…right in the butt (head). Five days my fricken heck! But, I am not that kind of person. It is what it is and things happen for a reason. I’m not sure what the reason is, but….hopefully it was worth it. If nothing else, it made me slow down for a bit. (Not much…. but some)

One thing is for sure. When you are deprived of something for long enough, even if it is something you didn’t really like….you find yourself wanting it. I don’t like doing squats at all, but I would be in heaven if I could do some really deep knee bending squats right now. I’m sure it will take time to get back the muscle I had a few months ago “Pre-Knee” , and that I will whine a bit at all the squats and other torturous things my trainer will have me do, but right now…..I want it! Bring it on!!!…..cause I said so.

4 thoughts on “look closely

  1. Such a pain to recover from an injury especially when you didn’t expect it to take so long. Chuck is in the same boat. He had is third (and final) surgery on his wrist this week. It was broken back in June of last year. He is even planning to go back to work (*gasp*) soon. So, know that you are not alone! Misery loves company, they say.

    • I’ve thought about that…”Misery loves company”….I used to think it meant people in misery wanted others to be miserable too but…I think it means that when we are miserable and hear that others are, it makes us feel like maybe we are not so alone, maybe we aren’t so weak, and maybe…just maybe…we aren’t as stupid as we thought we were if someone else did something stupid too…..:o)

  2. OK, first of all…eeew! A shoe of teeth? Yeah, that’s gross. 🙂 And also, you said you wanted braces as a kid? Between that and walking around your garden w/o shoes you MUST be a glutton for punishment. My thing is bad breath. I’m a bit ashamed to say that I’ve refused kisses from my wife because of bad breath…such is life. Thanks for the post, I enjoyed it!

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