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I took my sister for her first accupuncture appointment today. I have been getting it done for years and love the effects.  She has always wanted to try it so when I found an awesome deal on Groupon I got it for both of us. It is always fun to be with my baby sister, and this was no exception. I don’t know if she really knew what she was asking for when she said she wanted to do it at the same time as I did. The ‘doctor’ was very throrough in her questioning. At one point, while we were talking about BMs, I told Rhea we were bonding and I felt like we should start holding hands. I wasn’t kidding, but she laughed and held out on me. poo on that. Literally. Now I feel like I know my sister inside and out. Its a good feeling.

I was especially fond of the part of the interrogation, I mean, interview, where Dr. Becky ( yeah, I can remember her name….) felt our pulse. She said there were several reasons, the first was to make sure we actually HAD a pulse….I had to wonder how many people came to her without one….the second to get the count and the third to see how strong it was. She wanted to feel if it was weak or if it was “bounding” up against her fingers. I imagined my veins looking like little Jack Russell Terriers (RIP Cosmo), jump jump jumping up to get her finger. I willed my blood to be like that but…she wasn’t over impressed. Let’s just say….I had a pulse. All was well.

The actually pin poking part of the event went well also. I have been to a couple different practitioners and they all have their own style.  This gal was good, but she forgot one very very important thing. The bed where I was lying was directly under the airconditioning vent. Yay. Just imagine….tiny needles sticking into your body and then….goose bumps suddenly arrive. It was a ‘bit’ uncomfortable to say the least.

One funny thing about accupuncture….no matter what, I always get an itch on my face after I am all poked and told to be still and relax. I try every method I can think of to keep from scratching my face, nose, ear, etc….but I always end up giving in. Today I was determined to be strong!! I was NOT going to scratch, no matter what! I mean, I was the big sister here..the example of awesomeness and experience. I could handle an itch urge for a while. Unfortunately, that is a complete and total lie. I swear I thought something was burrowing into my cheek. It was maddening! I had to scratch or I would surely have died a horrible death, right there on that frigid table. I hoped Rhea could not see my weakness in having to itch. I told her about it afterward and she admitted to not only moving, but lifting both her hands up so she could see how cool it looked to have needles stuck into her flesh. She’s nutty like that.

If you have never tried accupunture, you really should. It is amazing what they can to with it. I had dislocated my thumb while I was pregnant with Benjamin and it just would not heal.It hurt so bad I could not shut kitchen cupboard doors without pain. I tried everything from chiropractic to nerve testing for four years! Nothing helped. When we moved to Florida, I tried the accupuncture and within 20 minutes my thumb was fixed. It was a miracle!  My sister says that her hip that has been hurting for weeks felt better after the appointment. I hope it was another miracle!!

I know some people don’t believe in miracles, but I see them all around me. You might not think that having pain relief from someone sticking you with a tiny needle would count as a miracle, but I say why not? The Lord works in mysterious ways. I think anything that I cannot explain and that is an answer to a prayer is a miracle. My sister’s hip feeling better…miracle. My kitten coming home…miracle. Being able to match all the socks on laundry day….miracle. Finding my wedding ring….miracle. Miracles are all around us….we just have to open our eyes and minds to see them….cause I said so.

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