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Words are funny things. They are how we communicate, yet at times they are the biggest cause of miscommunication. When I was a teenager, the phone was the big thing. I would literally spend hours on the phone talking to friends or listening to my boyfriend breathe.  I don’t know how the rest of my family got anything done, we only had the one phone line in the house and I was usually on it. My parents had a super extended cord on the hand set so they could find me. They would just follow the cord down the hall, under the bathroom door and into the bathtub where they would find me talking, or listening.  Teens today don’t talk on the phone nearly as much as I used to. Now they are constantly texting on their phones. Texting has become the new way of communicating. I love it because I can send someone a quick text that is right to the point and not have to get into an hour long ‘polite conversation’ with them to erroneously prove I didn’t call just for one purpose. Texting has set me free.

Texting does have its problems tho. It is hard to tell the tone of a message on text. For example….if someone sends a text that says “You’re an idiot” it could be hard to know if they are just being playful or if they really think you are an idiot and you should therefore be insulted and hurt. Unless of course, you ARE an idiot and you really don’t care what they are saying.  There are a lot of abbreviations in text too. LOL is probably the most common one, (Laugh out loud for all your idiots…Just kidding JK)  I think it is funny that even though we have this super quick way to converse, we still have to make it quicker. I am sure I will be getting a text any day now from my daughter that says something like , “iwtvcgmtllus” and I would be expected to know what that meant. (I walked to victoria’s come get me there later. love you Sarah)  Maybe we are evolving to the oriental language…where we just have a picture that tells you everything you need to know. That could be cool…but I bet something would be lost in translation…..cause i said so.

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