When I was a young child, my mother was good friends with a woman that played the piano like a dream. She could play anything anybody put in front of her. She was amazing. My mother decided she would be a great piano teacher for me. She had a lot of other students, but I believe I was one of her youngest. I started lessons when I was only eight years old. She said it was because I had such talent or maturity or something, but I believe it was because she loved my mother. Everybody loves my mom.

I learned a lot of songs from my piano teacher, and I even learned some notes. She gave me a pretty good ‘start’ in piano playing. It wasn’t until I went to college and took piano class that I realized she had not really taught me much. I didn’t know a single scale or arpeggio and my fingering stunk. You see, in the little beginner piano books, they put little numbers by the notes to tell you what finger to use when you play them. My teacher decided to use a black marker to hide all those numbers….so I would learn notes instead of numbers. I guess there is some logic in that but, like I said. My fingering stunk.

In spite of my shaky beginning in piano, I have always had a love of music and of playing the piano. I didn’t take lessons for very long, but that didn’t stop me from playing. I taught myself most of what I know about piano. I also learned a lot of music from band, orchestra and choir. Music is in my soul. It speaks to me in a way words cannot…and I love words!!

One of the songs I remember playing a lot as a teen ager is called “Little Things.” It is about how important the little things we do for each other are. Little acts of kindness and service. This song came to me tonight as I tucked my son Ethan into bed. After I hugged him good night, he pulled an envelope out from under his pillow. He said he had planned to put it on my pillow but since I was there, he was just going to give it to me. Inside the envelope was the sweetest letter ever! He just told me how much he loves me and appreciates all I do. Little things. I don’t know what brought on the writing of the letter, but I appreciate it so much. I can’t think of anything that makes a parent feel happier than when their kid acknowledges and thanks them. It is a rare thing….

Ethan is a super wonderful kid. All my kids are amazing, but Ethan is the one that always takes the time to give me hugs and kisses and to tell me he loves me. I tell ya, there are days when his arm around me at just the right time kept me from losing my mind. He was truly sent here to be my helper.

Ethan had his patriarical blessing today. I was allowed to be in the room with him when he had it done. The spirit was very strong. I know he is a special child of our Heavenly Father. I feel so priveldged to be his mom! I just hope I don’t mess him up!!   Cause I said so…

2 thoughts on “PBJ

  1. Oh, goodness…I’m afraid that I was the evil fingering eraser…so sorry! I’m glad it didn’t hinder you too much! You’re a wonderful pianist! Everybody loves YOU!
    I am always amazed at the way you just take life by the horns and drag it along with you. No sissy, you! Good for you, Beckie! I also think its funny that we have both been thinking about words. AND…you are the queen of little things. Would that I might better emulate you there. >sigh< Well, I guess I'll just continue to work on that…Cause…I'm the mom.

  2. I also treasure those notes of thanks from my kids. I’ve spent a lot of time worrying lately about all the ways I may have messed up my kids. I never used to be a worrier, but it seems to be catching up with me. Anyway, I agree that Ethan is a very special young man. I’m so glad you have such a great kid! But it’s not surprising… cause you’re a great mom! Love you!

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