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I wasn’t going to write anything tonight because I am really tired. But then I noticed that I had actually gotten a few comments! Thank you friends!! Now I am too excited to sleep!

I had a really great day. Last night as I said my prayers, I added in a little extra request that I used to add in a lot. I asked that I and my children would have opportunities to serve someone. Lately I have been feeling that my life is so very full that I really want to give back in some way. Service to others is always a good idea. I didn’t think much about my request until later this afternoon. I have a gal that I am trying to build a friendship with. I know, it sounds weird to actually say “build a friendship” but, seriously. When you are my age and have as many things going on in your life as I do, it really takes some effort to find a friend! It is easy to get caught up in laundry and taxi driving and to bond with your bar friends on How I Met Your Mother. (Hey, I’m a good friend of Lily’s.) I haven’t had a really good friend since California….almost ten years ago! My best friend from Cali is still a dear friend but she is far away and we almost never talk. I have been feeling the need to find some girlfriends here. And yes, it takes effort!

This budding friend of mine was having some issues last night and we talked for a while. I’m not sure if I helped at all, but I was happy when she called me today to talk some more. What made matters even more awesome is she agreed to let me come help her get her house ready for company. I am a professional organizer, remember that? Anyway, I was able to take my daughter Sarah and go and help someone put their things in order for a few hours today. I know it made her happy and helped her, but it really helped me!

It’s almost not even fair that the people that do service get more out of it than those on the receiving end. I truly do service because I love people and want to help them, but I always come away from it feeling like I just won the lottery! I can’t seem to get ahead!  I’m not really complaining, who would, but it is curious.

I can really lose myself when I am organizing for someone. I get into a zone that is almost like a super suit. “Where is my super suit!” (favorite line from the Incredibles….)  I have to really think about the person and try to make each job personal and just right for that particular person. When I am doing feng shui, it is even better. Improving the flow of chi in a person’s space can make such amazing things happen. I have truly seen miracles.

I love that my friend was open to letting me bring Sarah. Sarah owed me some money so I told her if she came and helped I would “pay” her and she would satisfy her debt to me. That was all fine and good, but I loved having her experience service as well. She was amazing. She worked hard for a long time. It was just great fun!

Brian and I have talked about how asking for something in a prayer is a way of getting the Lord to challenge you. You’ve heard the saying , “Never ask for patience unless you want the Lord to push you to your limits.”….maybe not since I just made it up… I learned that when my kids were small. I would have a really frustrating day and end up on my knees at the end of the day asking for patience. One day, a lightbulb went on in my head and I realized my prayers were being answered. I changed my prayers. I don’t ask for patience anymore!  Today, my answer didn’t come so much in the form of a typical challenge as it did in the form of opportunity.

I’m happy with my day. How often can we say that? Too many times we look back at our day and see the things that went wrong. Like, my knee oozing out goo all day. Or that I didn’t get to the car wash….my car is embarassing. I didn’t spend much time with Ben. I could go on and on but I choose to focus on the good in my day. I got to help somebody and it made me feel great! My friends, My glass is half full….cause I said so.

One thought on “toe jam

  1. I really enjoyed reading your post. I am a professional organizer too and I share many of your sentiments. I find it hard to make friends too. Thanks for sharing!

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