difference of two squares




Math is not my forte. It is not even my pianissimo. I do not like it, sam I am. In spite of my feelings of abhorance towards the number game, I am taking a college math class. It is not quite algebra….although it sure seems like it to me. It is the class before the class I have been told I have to take in order to get my degree. It makes me want to smack someone in the head with a lead pipe in the observatory.  Lucky for me, I have a fantastic (and patient) math teacher. My mother in law is my teacher. She is pretty much earning her saint-hood this semester by working with me. I go into class with desires to destroy and come out feeling happy and almost like I learned something. It isn’t an easy calling. I’m impressed she has stuck with me. My boys try to help but…they end up making monkey noises at me and walking away wondering how they could actually be my spawn. I wonder the same thing at times…..for different reasons….

Days are just so full sometimes. Today was one of those days. I sit here, way past my bedtime, thinking back on all that happened today. I had a typically wonderful morning full of sleepy eyed kids, banana waffles, orange juice and snuggles…followed by a trip to the college for a job fair. Do I really want a job? I don’t know….they didn’t have the job I wanted offered. What job is that? The one that pays me really good for staying at home and doing nothing all day. Call me!  After the job fair, I took my best friend to lunch and then headed home to pick up kids from school, start homework, make snacks, go to cello lessons, teach my nieces how to peel an orange all in one piece, walk in the wind (awesome!), take the girls to the mall, run home, make burritos, go to MMA, run home, read scriptures, put kids to bed, and do the dishes.

It may sound like a busy day when I list it out like that, but the parts I remember are the snuggles, drawing with chalk on the sidewalk with Q, spitting orange seeds with Macy, hearing my son tell me how much homework he did….all on his own…., the taste of the awesome sub at subway, hearing about Sarah’s day at school, hearing the sweet sounds of a cello duet, watching the video Ethan took of his cousin being a goof on his bike, talking to my mom, and feeling the wind. When I list out the things I loved about today, it makes it feel full in a much different way.

Its one thing to be so busy you want to fall down with exhaustion at the end of the day. It is quite another thing to have such a full, wonderful life that you don’t have a down moment…..and you cherish every second. I love being a mom. I love being an aunt. I love being a sister and a friend. I love that my kids are so darn cute and smart and funny! I love not having car trouble!! I love having options in my life and freedom to choose. I love the wind. Yes, I know it may be a sign that the world is shifting and we are going to be burnt up by a solar flare, but until that time, I will continue to roll down my windows, leave the doors on the house open, and wear my hair down. Let the wind have it’s way with me. It can wash me clean and fill me up, all at the same time.  Cause I said so.

2 thoughts on “difference of two squares

  1. “they didn’t have the job I wanted offered. What job is that? The one that pays me really good for staying at home and doing nothing all day. Call me!”

    LOL…this reminds me of one of my favorite lines ever in a song:
    “look at me I’m self-employed, I love to work at nothing all day…” 🙂

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