this one’s weak, just like me


My neice has a new hobby. She walks around her house with a leg straight and says, “Guess who I am!” Of course, she is mimicking good ol Aunt Beckie and her silly knee. She then asks “Why doesn’t aunt Beckie walk like this?” and she proceeds to gallop through the house at a 4 year old ‘break neck’ speed. Why indeed Ms Q? One has to wonder….if I was run/galloping through my house like that, would my back not be in such a knot? Would my legs be getting stronger instead of having all my nicely toned muscle melt away? Would my surging blood have caused my fricken knee to have healed by now? These are questions I wish she could answer. But alas, she is but four and not willing to share all of her knowledge just yet.

It has really gotten O L D walking around with a stiff leg. Yes, the doctor did tell me to stay off of it and use crutches. Pa-Leez! “Single mother of six sits on couch patiently for four weeks letting her knee heal…..” who’s gonna believe that one? No, the show must go on and frankly, I am the show.

The hardest part of taking it easy is the fact that my knee doesn’t hurt. Not a bit. But my back? It hurts like the devil after walking around for more than ten minutes. That is why my lofty museum outing idea for today’s half day was canned before we even left the house. I would not have made it. After a while, my knee just starts to buckle and insist on bending. Not good.

I decided to get a massage today to try and straighten out some kinks and possibly speed up some healing. I prefer natural medicine whenever possibly possible. When I got to the massage clinic, the girl asked me what trouble I was having.  I told her specifically my elbows, lower back, and feet. Although it was a nice massage…the girl did not touch any of the areas I wanted. Especially my feet. Now, I’m not trying to complain but….how in the world do you NOT touch feet in a massage? I mean, isn’t that the starting and ending point? seriously? Maybe it is just like that for me. If you wanna please me, start with the feet.

So, my nice little massage made me feel a titch better but the effects were gone by the time I got through Ross. Poopy on that girl. I’m going to get a different technician next time. Cause I said so.

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