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I admit it. I like Star Trek. I haven’t actually watched it since the Next Generation stopped running, but I watched it my (almost) entire life up to that point. I remember the Trouble with Tribbles and Mind Meld and all that good stuff from the early shows. I liked Captain Kirk but thought he was an ego crazed jerk most of the time. Captain Picard was my favorite. He was just so…cool. Brad and I used to watch Star Trek every Sunday night…right before the Simpsons. In fact, when we were in the hospital having Maegan….she was kind enough to be born early enough for us to catch that night’s episode in the hospital room. At least I think that is how it happened…it is all a fog really….

They say that all the cool stuff they showed on Star Trek was stuff that was actually already invented or ‘in the works’ at NASA and other big brain facilities around the world. My mom used to say she would volunteer to be the first to Transport. Our whole family gets car sick so that would be a super awesome thing for us! Of course, after watching Galazy Quest and seeing that space boar turned inside out when it transported….she may not want to be first anymore.  I think it would be cool if they could figure out how to do lyposuction in congection with the transporting. Say, you leave your house and transport to your sister’s house and on the way you lose five pounds of fat from your love handle region.THAT would be awesome! Somebody take a note….

I like the part of the Star Trek ‘world’ that doesn’t worry about money or other silly stuff like we have now. They have reached a higher plane of civilization and they all work to better themselves instead of working against each other to get more than the Jones’. At least that is how I seem to remember the ST world. I wonder what that would be like. I don’t know that I can even phathom that kind of world. Not that I’m trying to get more than my neighbors or anything like that, it just seems so foreign. I would like to try I think….

I’m feeling an immense sense of stress tonight. When I get to feeling this much stress, I end up doing one of three things:

1. sit in my closet and cry til I pass out

2. run down the street naked, pulling all my hair out and screaming

3. writing down nonsense blog entries to take my mind off my worries.

Can you guess which one I am doing? 🙂 I’m tempted to go and get that chocolate gelato out of the freezer and get intimate with it, but…I already turned out all the lights and I’m too lazy to swing my peg leg out of bed again tonight.  My diet is enjoying my injury I think. I did lose 4 pounds the first week I was laid up. I think it is because I am too lazy to get up to snack. Maybe I can market that diet. The lazy diet. Just sit and watch tv and DON’T eat. Think it will take off? Oh, and make sure you slice your knee open first so you can’t actually get up without a lot of effort. That can be the work out part.

Well, if you are still reading this you are either my mother or my secret admirer.. If you are my mother, I’m sorry I ran away that one time and I never liked that weiner dog. If you are my secret admirer….please come cheer me up. I’m sinking into a hole we call ‘cabin fever’ and I need to do something FUN! Cause I said so…..

2 thoughts on “star date 2 14 12

  1. We know im not your secret admirrer and im not pretty enough to be your mom.. so im going to hope you picked option 2 and you give me time to drive over there to cover you up.

  2. You poor thing! I’ve been living for weeks with a spouse who has cabin fever. So, I think I”ll have to wait to see you till your a little more yourself. I hope you heal quickly! Love ya!

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