Udderly rediculous



I never get sick. I honestly don’t have time to be sick. I am a busy, single mom of six with a lot to do. My family has never been the kind that has lots of sickness. I would have to say that Brad had more sick days in a year than the rest of us all added up together total. That includes me having babies! We just don’t get sick.

I don’t think it is because we do anything special. I don’t feed my kids all organic fiber filled hippie grains and fruit. (That would be nice) We don’t excercise regularly (I used to…). We eat the occasional candy bar, bowl of ice cream, and corn dog. (Not all at the same time) I have tried to feed my family healthy food and avoid the preservative filled crap that is so readily available at the store and fast food restaurant. We don’t always take our vitamins either. Frankly, it is like trying to feed my kids, Ben especially, a medium dose of poison to get them to take a vitamin.

I think the reason my kids (and myself) are rarely sick is simply because the Lord knew I could not handle having sickness around all the time. I have had several friends over the years that have had sick kids. They spent day after day in the doctor’s office and trapped at home with sickness. I don’t know if it is a lack of compassion (my therapist says NO) or if it is just the absolute need to get things DONE, but I don’t handle sickness very well. Especially since Brad died, I have not been the person to go to when sick. It kind of freaks me out a bit.

All that being said, the last few days I have been sick as a dog. (Not sure where that saying came from…) My head hurts, my nose runs, my ears ring, my body aches, and I cough and cough. It is a royal pain in …..well, the whole dang body!  I am not a happy camper. But I have to admit…at the same time, it isn’t that bad. I still have my darn knee in a brace with doctor’s order NOT to bend, so, being sick is actually helping me do just that. I’m spending the majority of my days lying in bed writing, or lying on the couch watching How I Met Your Mother. (Guilty pleasure!) It has been a bit of a blessing in disguise. Being this sick makes me have little to no desire to go or do anything. That is just what the doctor told me to do for my leg.

My kids have also been stepping up quite a bit while am less mobile. I “can” go up the stairs, but I tell them I shouldn’t so they take care of things up there. They are also doing much better at dishes and general picking up while I’m hurt. It’s been kind of nice.

Tonight, we read scriptures downstairs in the family room so I could keep my leg up. Benny missed out because he finally got in the shower. When he got out, I sat with him and read a chapter out of the illustrated Book of Mormon story book. He has become quite a good reader! After he and I read, he got up and looked at me with a little “tilted head look” and said, “Mom, under Fantine it looks like she has udders. Does that mean I can milk her?”

Fantine is our dog. Our girl dog that has been fixed. I explained to Ben that he could not actually milk Fantine and it was not only because she had had all her girlie parts removed, but also because she was a dog and we really only milk cows. He then asked, with a worried face, “Do tarantulas have udders?”  I had to stifle my combination laugh and shudder. He had seen a big spider at the park earlier and was still a bit tramatized. I explained that spiders do not actually have udders and the only ‘milk’ we could get from them would be from their poisonous pinchers. Like a snakes teeth.  As creepy as it ended up, the question and conversation was pretty cute over all.

I love how not only are my kids healthy, they are also very smart and inquisitive. They are not afraid to ask questions about just about anything. I don’t always have the answers, but when I do, it makes me feel smart. WhenI don’t, it makes me appreciate the internet even more.  Cause I said so.


**As a side note, when I went to look for a picture to put on the top of the post, I momentary lost all brain function and typed in “Sick Spiders.”  Take my advice and NEVER do that!!! I may never fall asleep tonight. I hate spiders…even typing out the letters in the word freaks me out a bit. And there I was, looking at tons of pictures of the sick little demons. yikers! sick sick sick!!! shudder. I decided to just put a pretty, innocent picture of flowers on here instead. SO, carry on. Cause I said so.

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