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It is once again that special time of year that we all like to celebrate. Yes, it is Groundhog Day. I’m sure I knew what that was all about and how it started at one point in my life, but now, like most people, the only real thing I remember about today is Bill Murray. Groundhogs Day is a great movie. I’m pretty sure that we can all relate to it in one way or another. 

What I take away from the movie is this: What would I do if I could do the same day over and over again? Would I do the ‘throw myself in front of every danger around to break the spell’ or would I focus on learning something. It takes Bill a while to get over his frustration and make the most of his repeated day. I love that he learns the piano and does service. I would hope that I would use my time that way. Maybe not the piano, maybe the guitar or my new banjo, but definitely the service.

I think service is really the key to it all. Today my sisters did a great service for me by driving me and my knee around town and making me walk all the way through IKEA. After about half way through the acre store, they mentioned that we should have gotten a wheel chair for me. I wonder if that was because my lound boot stomp/dragging sounds were embarrassing them or they just wanted to walk faster than an 800 year old woman. Either way, I walked it. Going to IKEA was actually my idea so I don’t really blame them. It happens every time. Girl gets sick/laid up. Girl notices great home improvement/epic project. Girl decides to embark on said project while still laid up. Girl gets herself more injured/sick. Project turns into mess. Yes, it is a tale as old as time. (I’m pretty sure I learned it from my mom)

I love spending time with my sisters. They are super fun and they make me laugh. I have to admit, I have almost gotten over the “old lady sister” feeling I used to have when I hung out with them. Part of it is probably that I actually HAVE hung out with them, something I never got to do when I lived far away. The other thing is that….don’t tell…but I think they are maturing. Yes, I think they are catching up. I mean, soon my little sister will be the same age as me, and then we just have to wait for runt to catch up and we will be triplets! sigh, life is truly grand when you refuse to accept reality.

But seriously, I loved hanging with the girls today. I should mention that we also had our mascot with us, Super Q-tness. She is also growing up but we all refuse to notice that. (she’s the last baby!….for now….)  We had a good time, got some stuff done, and I was only in a bit of pain by the time I got home. 

The hard part of the day was that after tiring myself out at IKEA, I also had to go to the post office, Costco, Basketball practice pick up, MMA, and a Relief Society meeting. I honestly can’t believe my eyes are still open. They were closed a bit during MMA….hope I didn’t snore. 

I look at today and think about what I would have done differently if I had to do it over and over again. I think I would have skipped the doctor’s appointment….there is nothing wrong with me. I would have opted for the wheel chair…to save my leg. Hugged my kids a few more times, given them a few more kisses, told them I loved them a few more times….and not eaten that piece of pizza….it was sick!  Other than that….I would have looked for someone to help or make smile and I would have called my grandmother. She called me last week to check on my knee and I still haven’t called her back. No excuse for that.

To quote (loosely) Ferris Bueller, “Life comes at us pretty fast….if we don’t take time to enjoy it, we are gonna miss it.” Yeah, a few more hugs and kisses and love…..and it was a good day. Cause I said so.

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