Miracles all around

I know that there are miracles every day. We take so much for granted. Sometimes I wish I could just take a step back and see all the things the Lord has done for me. I am sure I would be amazed and feel like an ungrateful slob pretty quickly.

Yesterday was a day that I actually saw miracles. I went on a road trip with my son and a friend and her daughter. It was going to be a long drive and I did not get enough sleep the night before. I had a rough morning before we set out. Lots of drama at my house with one son not wanting to go to the Youth program I had set up for him and his brother this week. It was important to me that he go because of the positive effect I felt it would have on his life. He flat out refused to go. I was really upset and pulled out all the mommy stops. Yelling, crying, bribing, threatening….and finally I realized that I could not make him go. All I could do was make him feel really bad. I decided that was not what I wanted so I left him home.

The first miracle was the peace I felt when I finally let go of MY desires for my son and saw him as a person with his own wants, needs, desires, and agency. I stepped back and respected his choice. It would be fine.

We had driven from our house to my friends house and loaded up their luggage in the back of the van. We were getting a late start and I was already yawning. After driving for about 40 minutes, I suddenly felt a strong urge to find my cell phone. It was no where to be found. I looked in all the places I usually put it and even had my friend look around. She was sure it was somewhere…..don’t worry….But I felt a strong prompting to find my phone NOW. So, I pulled off the freeway at the next exit and looked for it. The last time I had seen it had been when I was loading up my friends luggage so I went to look in the back of the van.

Miracle number two. My cell phone was sitting on the back bumper of my van. It had stayed there as I had driven for 40 minutes through all kinds of morning traffic.  I felt so blessed! My trip would have been really messed up without that phone!

The drive was supposed to take 12 hours. Like I said, I was tired before I started. My friend had not gotten much sleep the night before either so I was a bit nervous about our trip. But honestly, after the cell phone blessing, I really felt the Lord had heard our “before trip prayer” and that he was watching out for us.

My friend drove for several hours and never got tired. I was able to drive for several hours and never felt too tired. The trip went extremely quick. I was amazed that a 12 hour trip felt like only about 5 hours. We made it to Utah without any trouble. What a blessing.

Since my son did not come to the conference, I had a paid for ticket that was going to waste. I talked to my sister and told her she could send my nephew to take my son’s place. They put him on a plane monday morning and he got here without any incidents. On the way to pick him up, I went to the wrong airport and it took longer to get there than I wanted. But…..

miracle number 3, my nephews flight was delayed so he didn’t have to wait or worry without us being there. It worked out perfect!

I felt like we needed to find the location of the youth camp first before we had breakfast or anything so we drove all over to find it. We finally stopped at a restaurant and got directions.  After getting there and finally finding a place to park…I didn’t feel right telling my nephew to just pretend to be his cousin. I really felt like we needed to be honest about him going in my son’s place. It took a lot of phone calls and haggling to finally get to the point where I needed to find a way to pay for his tuition. The problem was that my credit card had been cancelled on Saturday because of fraudulent charged so, I had no way to pay or to be reimbursed for my son’s payment. I was standing in line with the boys, hoping the powers at the camp would be able to figure out a way to make it work. I was praying fervently that Heavenly Father would make this experience a good one for the boys. I asked that our honesty in telling the camp about the switch of students would be a positive thing. Right after my prayer I realized i had my check book with me. I could pay with that! I called the supervisor I had talked to back and asked if I could just pay with a check. It was the perfect solution.

miracle number 4. Not only did I get inspired as to how to make the switch of students work, one of the camp counsellors gave me a box of candy ……it was my nephews favorite candy! I was able to go to him and tell him that we were being rewarded for our honesty. what a great blessing!

The rest of my day was spent in driving, shopping, and spending time with friends. I was so very blessed with safety in driving as well as in having a peaceful feeling that my kids were all being watched over, led and protected from harm. I am so grateful that prayers are answered!

It’s a beautiful thing to see some of the blessing we get every day. We should all be a bit more grateful….cause I said so.


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