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Ying and Yang

whatever you want to call it, I believe there is a certain unseen, uncontrolled balance in the world. A little high a little low…..and all that wrot. I think things happen for a reason. I’m not going to go off on one of those sappy little poems about how glad I am that you are my friend and how we were brought together by the cosmos and all that. No, I am thinking more about the three sons of the king in the book called “serendipty for the soul’. These three sons were of age to take over the kingdom but before they did, their wise father sent them out on a quest to find a ‘treasure.’ ( am totally going on memory……read the book a long time ago….) Anyway. The three men set out with their goal in mind. They wanted to get to the treasure and head back home and start on their reign and rule. This is not a new tale. There have been many tales of those that set out to ‘seek their fortune’ or ‘find their way’…yadda yadda yadda….

The thing that has really stuck with me over the years since I read this book is the way these particular men set out on their journey. They had their head and horses and yes, even ships, pointed toward their end goal, but their eyes were fully open. They used that special open minded sight we call periphical….they looked around as they went. They didn’t put on blinders and dismiss any and everything that was not in line with their end goal. They made stops along the way. They made friends along the way. They took a heck of a lot longer to get to their end destination than they really needed to because they ‘dilly dallied.’ Some might look at this as wasting time. But what they would not be noticing is all the things that these men learned along the way. They learned about people. They learned about customs, and medicine and how to travel and how to love, learn and enjoy life. They learned that the treasure they were seeking….wasn’t really at the end of the journey, but all along the way. They did complete their journey and did return home with their treasure, but it was just a trinket compared with all the true treasures they gained along the way.

I wonder how many of us look at life this way. I am a firm believer in goals. Anyone that knows me, knows this to be true. Without goals, there really is no direction in life. I have goals for myself, for my business, for my children, for my home,. etc etc etc.  But I really try to make it a point to keep my eyes open. I try to take the world as it comes to me. Make friends with those that aren’t necessarily going to propel me to my goal in an obvious way, and to see the sights along the way. Life is so full of wonder and richness and I don’t want to miss any of it.

If I put blinders on for any reason, it is to shield myself from some of the darkness in the world. As I started out saying, there is balance in everything. All that wonder and goodness and richness comes at a price. The world is also full of dark and disturbing stuff and I really don’t want to see or even hear about. I find myself physically hiding under pillows when talk of dark things comes around. Is that a bad thing? Do I really need to see/hear the bad stuff to fully appreciate the beautiful stuff? I don’t think so. I really don’t. I think that the fact that I know there is horrid stuff out there makes me only appreciate the beautiful stuff more. It makes me drink it in and fill myself up with beauty and wonder so that the darkness has no room in me. It just won’t fit. Where is the balance in that, you may ask? Well, maybe I can balance out those poor people that are intent on dwelling on the darkness. the ones that put on their blinders to the beauty and wonder of the world. You know who they are. They can’t see how incredible life is because they are too focused on what is wrong in their life. I feel so sad for them. i want to share the light and beauty I have found. I want to smack them in the head and say ‘Wake up! Look around! See this beautiful world you are missing??Snap out of it!!” Cause…well, cause I said so!

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