Spit in your eye

Lessons are funny things. Sometime we sign up for lessons because we want to learn something. We might take lessons to learn the piano, gymnastics, juggling….or a myriad of other things. We decide we want to learn something, or our mother decides we want to learn something, and we take lessons to learn it. Easy concept, totally someone’s choice.

Then there are the other types of lessons that we don’t actually choose to take. Those lessons are the ones forced upon us by something we say or do that causes something to happen. Sometimes it is a good experience and we walk away a little taller, wiser, and ready to make an inspired Instagram post.

Those aren’t the types of lessons that were learned at my house today. The lessons we learned today were hard, uncomfortable, and a bit painful. No, nothing dreadfully awful or bloody, but there were tears shed. One lesson involved buttery popcorn and ice cream…the lesson learned was that those things are not good to have on the same day and maybe never at all. The other lesson happened to the tiny human living here.

Big brother was in one of his calmer moods due to much head banging to the music that ‘helped him cope with life’….(not), so tiny human and I decided to go to the store. I have no money so, this was not the best idea, but it was the closest escape we had.

Being home for the last week due to appendicitis and Fall Break, I have been putting extra effort towards being a ‘good’ mom. I think I’ve done quite well actually. I’ve been patience, kind, and suffered long through the determined emotions of a six year old. Going to the store would require all these efforts in large amounts.

We started by picking out a few tiny pumpkins to paint or display. We worked out way around the store slowly, mostly to give the ‘calm’ guy at home time to… get more calm-er”? Anyway, we took our time. I said yes to the cheap ice cream and the corn dogs. Avoiding eye-contact with the budget to the left of my peripheral mind view. As we finally made our way down the last isle, tiny human squealed for one of those net covered stress balls. I admit, those things are cool. I said yes again and we decided to also get one for ‘calm boy’ to see if it would appease him on our return.

I was very clear on the instructions for the stress ball. Basically, don’t squeeze it all out one net – hole. I wasn’t sure, but I told her it would break and all the sticky stuff would come out and we would have to throw it away. I was guessing, but…it sounded pretty legit to me.

Those balls are super attention keepers. She played with it all evening and even had it in bed with her when we finally managed to get there. I was reading Fancy Nancy, and she was squeezing the whole ball out one hole of the net. Yep, just like I told her more than once not to.

I was amazingly accurate on what would happen to the ball. It popped open and all that ‘goo’ came out all over her and the bed. That stuff is basically clear glue. Totally sticky. I’m hoping it will wash out.

There were many tears tonight as my tiny human cried over that stupid ball. More than once she said she would always do what I said from now on. I really wanted to record her, but I didn’t feel it would be right. She finally went to sleep. I remained next to her, looking at her sweet, tear stained face.

This would not be the last lesson she learned. This lesson would not even be one she remembered most likely. Although it was heartbreaking at the time, I’m sure she will have many more bigger heart breaks in her life. That is what life is all about. We stumble around, doing the best we can, pitting our wills against those who know better, and learning lots of hard lessons.

I don’t expect her to always listen to my counsel and make the right choice. Heck, sometimes, I’m sure my advice will be wrong. But, watching her learn tonight made me realize how much I love being her mom and how much my Heavenly Father must love me as he watches me stumble along.

He’s given me a massive amount of guidance and I try to follow it, but I still mess up and get glue in my hair and have to go to bed with tear on my face.

Its all worth it in the end. We grow and stretch and readjust our sails and keep going. We’ll get there.

Cause I said so.

Photo credit: http://www.timbuktoys.com

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