Hokey Pokey

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It’s been a while since I put my thoughts down here. It isn’t that I haven’t had any thoughts, I just seemed to lose track of the good ones before I could write them down. I’ve been getting the itch to write, so I made time. That is the key I suppose. I mean, I’m a grown woman for heaven’s sake, I’m in charge of my own time….(insert maniacal laughter here)

I’ve been spending my time in a myriad of interesting ways. There is never a dull moment in my life. I’m not even kidding. I work with 82 amazing 6th graders each day at school, come home to a house full of incredibly philosophical boy writers, and spend the evening with a supercharged four-year-old. After all that fun is put to bed, I court my computer; building powerpoints and breathtaking lessons to start the day all over again.

I love my life. I seriously do. But sometimes I forget stuff. I’m not talking about those little things like, “why did I come in the garage again?” I’m talking about big stuff. Things I probably should remember, like birthdays and stuff.

I forgot something really important recently. This “forgetting” may be the end of all things good. Or not.

I started a book club with my friend. I won’t mention her name because she has probably unfriended me by now and I would hate to incriminate her after the fact. We thought it would be a great way to ‘get the girls together’ and have conversations with grown-ups. It was great! We all shared books we liked and wanted to read.  I have a lot of books. I have a lot of books that I really love! I shared a stack of books with the girls and really ‘pushed’ one in particular. It was a book I had picked up at an airport years ago. I remember it very clearly. The book called to me from the airport gift shop. I bought it and read most of it on the flight home. It was hysterical! I still remember scenes from the book and the pain I had in my gut and face from laughing so hard. It was a keeper! I instantly shared it with my sisters.

Over the years, I have purchased several copies of this book and recommended it to a LOT of people!  My book club decided to read it on my recommendation.

Did I mention it had been years since I read the book? I picked up one of my personal copies (yes, I have several, so I can loan them out) and started to read it last night. Holy Hannah!

You know how, after you have a baby, you kind of forget how painful it really was? All you remember is it was hard, hurt a bit, and you got this awesome baby! That’s kind of how this book was. It was so funny…but I kind of forgot that it had really bad language! I’m talking, F-bombs in the FIRST sentence! And it only went downhill from there. I was mortified! I had recommended this to all the girls at church and even taken a copy to a sweet mom who was expecting a baby…to help her go into labor with laughter.

Just paint a big red S for skank on my forehead!

I resisted the urge to sell my house and move to Fiji. Instead, I begged forgiveness from everyone I could…and we chose a different book.

The real mystery is…have I really changed so much in the last 6 years or so? Was I comfortable reading that book at some point in my life? It was funny, but…I’m not really willing to dig through the trash words to relive it at this point. I’m not sure if that makes me more grown-up, uptight, or … hopefully, spiritual. I really don’t want to dirty my mind with stuff like that. I’m choosing things with light and truth.

It’s sad…because I think the author could have still had a really funny, great book…without all the trash words. I guess we all have our thing.

Don’t ask me what the book was, I’m going to pretend this never happened. ;o)

Cause I said so.


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2 thoughts on “Hokey Pokey

  1. I only want to know the name of the book so I can see if I read it… I might have. Is there a clue to the title in the closing comments? 😉
    Thanks for sharing. I just started a book club last month.

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