Birth of a Dark Lord



My family is a bunch of nerds. I say that in the kindest, sweetest, most flattering way possible. If you know anything, you know nerds rule the world. They are the ones with the brains. They are also the ones watching all those dorky sci fi movies. Oh, and Harry Potter.

My son Ben is the king of memory at our house. His mind is like supergluing your fingers together. When something gets in his head, it does not come out. He has most HP, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars….(among the few) movies memorized. It can come in handy and also be a real pain.

When we travel (used to) we would play games in the car. One of those games was ‘Movie lines’. I used to RULE at this game with my friends in high school. I was also queen of the ‘Song lyrics’ game. Ben, however, has taken my crown and added a sword, cape, and throne to it. Not only can he name any line from any movie he’s seen more than once, he can give us lines we swear we’ve never heard. But, with his record…we have to believe he is right. It’s a bittersweet thing.

Lately, I’ve bene warning him that I was turning into the dark lord. Should I mention he isn’t fond of sarcasm? (unless it is coming from him) I’ve had a pain in my neck for oh, eight months now. I’m pretty sure it’s an alien spawn that will sprout out of my ear any time now…depending on gestation time…  In the mean time, I tend to roll my neck around at times to try and stretch the extreme pain out. I realized a few weeks ago that I was doing the Voldemort (he who must not be named, sorry) move. You know what I’m talking about. I proceeded to tell Ben that I was pretty sure this was how Voldemort started down his dark path. He probably had a crick in his neck and it just irritated him so much, for so long, he decided to kill everyone that caused him any irritation at all. I can almost understand this. Well, except the killing part….but still.

Ben listened, blinked a few times, and then proceeded to tell me why my plan was flawed. He cross referenced not only Harry Potter information, but also pulled in the history of Anikin and his descent into Darth Vader (surely not a spoiler at this point??). And besides all that, the real clincher is…I’m a girl. So, basically, I can never aspire to be a Dark Lord.

You’ve got to love his logic. I still regret not carrying a tape recorder (or more modern version of this I don’t know about) to record all his wisdom and creativity. He is amazing. Next time, I may share his story about the scarecrow. I’m pretty sure he inherited my weird sense of humor/awkward/horror. He is working on his own blog, so…watch for that.

In the mean time, keep up the good work, stop rolling your eyes at me, and someone please rub my neck! Cause I said so.

Photo found on Pinterest.

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