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Some days, you feel like it was a mistake to get out from under your blanket. Nothing seems to go right. But some days, it feels like you not only have a guardian angel, but her/his posse of minions looking out for you at every juncture. Today was one of those days.

I had the day off to take a certain daughter to a certain mandatory event in a close-by city. I don’t get weekdays off often, so of course I tried to cram as much into it as possible. I started my day in the usual way, a fervent prayer that I wouldn’t screw up my life or anyone else’s, but I added an extra plea for the ability to get the things done that I needed to today and that I would keep the awesome spirit of conference with me.

I only had a few hours of sleep before I rushed off to school to put my classroom in some sort of organized chaos for my sub. I was in and out before anyone else was on campus.Plus! On my way home, I deliberated as to whether I should go get my daughter then or wait til later. You see,I needed to try and get my son’s car out of impoundment. Long story there….but that’s what I needed to do. I felt inspired to get my girl and head downtown, even though I wasn’t sure I would be able to get the car.

Halfway to my house, the impoundment officer returned my call from last week. She informed me that I could get my car approved for release just by talking to her! I almost whooped in joy! I got my daughter and headed downtown.

What happened next was best described by my daughter as a scavenger hunt.We went to the police department first, where we paid a fee and got a map. We followed the map to the next location. We found the right place, but we didn’t have the right kind of money so we had to go to circle K. Of course, we had to buy a juice to get the perfect amount. We went back to the map location and paid another fine. After we paid, we got….another map! This one led to the location of the car. It was tricky to read and explained completely wrong by the person that gave it to us, but we managed to find it anyway.

Once we got the car, we had to change the plates. That required saying certain magic words to the guardian of cars. It worked! We got the car, and I ended up getting everything done today that I set out to do. It might not seem like a very magical day to most, but to me it was perfect. I got stuff done, I got to spend time with my daughter, and got to see my older daughter crack a young coconut open with a metal chisel. It was a very well rounded day.

I may not have gotten to all those last minute crafts I decided to make for the baby shower tomorrow night….didn’t even start those. But we did make home made (virgin) pina colada for FHE. Magical!!!

Cause I said so.

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