Ocean Bored

rubber duck on the beach

You’d think I could find a quite place to write in the middle of the ocean, but no. A cruise ship is not a quite place, especially during spring break. I had big dreams of sitting on the sunny deck, by the pool, writing chapter after chapter of amazing prose while getting a sultry tan. No such luck.

Apparently, the cruise ship will sail regardless of the weather; I’m freezing. It will also sail full of annoying piano slamming preteens as well. My teens are peacefully sleeping into the afternoon hours while I search the ships corners for a safe thinking spot. You will be happy, relieved, even surprised to discover that I have not only not gone over and slapped the piano abusing children in the head but I have not even sent them evil, teacher/mom glances. This could be due to the rocking of the ship, as I have a hard time walking, and would probably lose some of my authority if I fell on my butt as I made my angry march towards them. It could also have something to do with the fact that I am well aware that my children have annoyed people in the past and that’s just what kids do.

That being said, there is a limit to my kid allowance. It was very difficult no to get my face in the news the first day of our cruise. My dear son, who suffers from social disorders, tried to find an empty spot in the hot tub. As he asked to squeeze in, a (spoiled, badly raised, horrible, snotty, brat) boy turned to him and told him he couldn’t come in because he was a “bastard”. Now, I am not one to use bad words on my blog, but I am wondering if anyone else out there is teaching their children that this word is okay? The best/worst part was that there was an ‘adult’ in the hot tub with the other kids. Did this ‘adult’ do anything? Yes, she smiled and encouraged him on. Mama cat tried her best to come out and show her claws, but instead, calm rational mom steered her away with son under her arm.

When I asked him what happened, he related the above story and then said, “ I guess they just don’t know any better. They weren’t raised good.” Thank goodness I kept the claws in. Once again, my dear son taught me a lesson.

Yes, those kids weren’t raised ‘good’. I now have evidence that I’ve done a bit better, encouraged my children to be a bit kinder, think, and act responsibly. If they don’t, you know those claws are coming out for sure.

Cause I said so.

Photo credit: blog.1800gotjunk.com

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