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My writers’ retreat was really great last weekend. I honestly haven’t had much time to write in the last….year. I did a lot of school, student teaching, mothering, and actual teaching. Writing was put past the back burner on that little shelf behind the stove. I don’t actually have a shelf behind my stove, but if I did, that is where my writing would have been sitting.

I love to write. Its kind of like letting a little water out of a too full waterbed. My head is a lot more comfortable when I let a little bit of stuff out in the form of writing. Okay, maybe that visual didn’t work, but I already used a bit zit analogy in my memoirs book so…didn’t want to over do that. (coming soon!)

At retreat I really figured out how to write. I mean, I know HOW to write, I’m talking about how to get the muses to line up and play nice. Like any other earth shattering discovery, it was something I already knew. I discovered that if I would read my scriptures at night, for a long time, then again in the morning to start my day, I would have a clear mind and be able to get stuff out. I also discovered that when I ran out of ideas, it happens, if I would just go outside and walk, it would all make sense again.

This is the method I used last weekend when I finished two books and wrote half my memoir book. I’m pretty sure my mems will be a best seller just based on the title. NO, I’m not going to spoil it here, but you will be the first to know when it is ready for beta readers. I love my beta readers, they are wonderful!  I will tell you this….my mems will be similar to my blog, except with fewer spelling errors, more made up facts, and definitely more dirt on my sisters. They never read my blog so, serves them right!!

Now I have to pull up my big girl pants and write actual facts on my project for school. Can I get an actual definition of what a ‘fact’ is please? I mean, is it like…if three people believe it, it can be a fact? I certainly hope so….cause I said so.

One thought on “cause it lame

  1. I think your stove actually has 12 burners. I love the way you write, not just THAT you write, but you have such a way of showing pictures with your words. Love it!

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