Spill over




I’m typing this with my eyes at half mast. I suppose it is a good thing I can type blind. I am just a tad beyond tired tonight. It was a busy day.

I started the day by putting my workout clothes on. You might think I was headed to the gym but, you would be wrong. I actually laid in bed an extra two hours, dreaming about being at the gym and riding my bike and doing all sorts of ‘athletic stuff’ before I got out of bed. I considered that my warm up for the day. The workout clothes were an attempt to make my body tone and tighten, even though I was no where near the gym.

What I did do, was clean my back yard. It wasn’t bad, considering I’ve had workers over for a couple weeks now getting things planted, pool built, pavers put in…etc. The part I had to clean was just getting the trash out of there, and sweeping a huge area of pavers and sidewalk. Sounds easy til the blisters start popping open on your hands. I learned something….gloves are great for preventing blisters if you put them on BEFORE you get the blisters. They didn’t help much after the fact.

I also learned that even when I tell myself it is early, it won’t take long, my hat will shade everything…..sunscreen is still a good idea in June in Arizona. Duh.  Needless to say, by the time I actually got in the pool around noon, I was already burned.

I wasn’t the only one that kicked off day one of the new pool with a sunburn. Spawn #1 followed suit. The others that swam didn’t get burned, but one came out with a bloody knee and burn marks under her arm (?), and another with a bloody nose.

I’m pretty sure the pool usage will mellow out after a few days or weeks. I even think our skin will lighten to a ‘less that lobster ‘pink soon. I never thought I would want a pool in my back yard, but here I am…pool owner. It scares the heeby geebies out of me! But watching all the kids jumping, splashing, laughing, and playing together…it’s totally worth it. All I want is for my kids to be happy, safe, and around me as much as possible. I’d say the pool was the right choice from the menu.

Cause I said so.


Photo credit: http://www.partymom.ca

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