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I don’t normally share really important or personal stuff on here, but today I just had to.

Saturday, my baby turned 13. It has been a long, emotional road to get to this point. I’m pretty sure half of my grey hair came from this particular child. Don’t get me wrong, he also brings me more joy and laughter than I can record. He is always an original, saying whatever is on his mind. That is part of his charm.

As a baby, he was super smart and the only one of my six that had to be formula fed. He was snuggly in the mornings, but had to have his Pooh bear in hand to start his day. He was also very creative. He was able to break out of our home at the age of two and go on adventures, all by himself. He holds the record for being the youngest when he was brought home by the police. Can you understand the grey hair yet?

I have spent many hours on my knees pleading for my children. Many tears have been shed for all of them for different reasons. I’ve prayed for good choices, guidance, protection, intervention, change of heart, and health. The Lord hears my prayers….in His time.

All of my kids were baptizes at the normal age of eight. Except for my baby. He turned eight right after his dad died. We had talked about his baptism, Brad and I, before Brad died. Brad felt he wouldn’t be ready. You see, my baby, is special in that he moves at his own pace. Call it autism, call it aspbergers, or just call it Ben. He has his own way of doing things and I love that about him. I wouldn’t change him for the world.

We’d talked about baptism for years. He was afraid it would change him. He didn’t understand, so we didn’t push it. Recently, after becoming a deaon, he started to feel like he wanted more. He started telling me about the special feelings he had when he was at church, or when we went to the temp openhouse. He liked those feelings and wanted to have more of them.

Two wonderful missionaries became his friends and spent many hours at our home. They taught the gospel in a way he could understand. He had always had the gospel and he knew it, but these wonderful elders helped him understand in a new way. They brought a special spirit that was just right for him.

After praying about it, he decided the day for his baptism would be on his 13th birthday. It was perfect. He didn’t want a big group, so it was just family. I could see him glowing. He was happy.

After the baptism, we talked. I asked him if he felt any different. He said his muscles had stopped tingling. He said they had always tingled before. He said he finally felt relaxed. My prayers were answered. I had prayed he would feel the peaceful assurance of the spirit and he did.

Now that he is baptized, he seems to have a newfound interested in helping others, being involved, and learning more. He has an inner confidence that shines out through his eyes. To say I am proud of him would be an understatement.

Once again, the baby of our family has taught us all a lesson. A lesson about knowing yourself, being prepared, and being dedicated to what you know is right. It was worth the wait….cause I said so.

5 thoughts on “bragging writes

  1. Well said, Sandy.
    The day was wonderful. Ben was amazing. His bright smile lit the room and all our hearts. We love your baby so much. Thanks for sharing. And…your comments really are right on about Ben. He is a joy to us all…as is his mother.

  2. Thank you for sharing this personal event. Ben is a wonderful person and I am glad he was so ready to make the commitment of baptism. Congrats to Ben and to you. You are great mom! And your obviously doing a great job with your kids! Love you!

  3. Oh Beckie, that is so wonderful!!! I am thrilled beyond words for you. God is good. I truly believe that God chooses the mothers of his special children very carefully…for what the particular child needs, and for what the parent needs. Gary and I often talked about what a blessing our son has been to us, and how grateful we were that he changed us as human beings. I am so happy for you and Ben.

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