break out


I am on spring break this week. I’m not really sure what it is supposed to be like. I had visions of getting my house, garage, office, car, and yard clean. I was going to work out every day and lose my fluff. I planned to hike the superstition mountains and find some gold in a soda can. I also planned to finish my novel.

I realize I may have over shot reality just a tad with my plans, but is that any reason to sap the life out of me and get nothing done? I did go to the gym, yesterday, and it was great. When I say great, I mean I stayed longer than 20 minutes, used some machinery, watched some ridiculous television and fought with the manager. It was fairly productive. My fluff isn’t all the way gone yet, but that may be due to my craving sweets and naps the rest of the day. Is that a normal side effect to going to the gym? If so….its no wonder I avoid it.

I have yet to open my novel files. That may be due to the fact that I cannot get Scrivner to work…it says we aren’t friends and doesn’t even remember when we met….if we did. I’m pretty sure it is holding my novel hostage until I produce some sort of cyber donut or other digital pastry to appease it. Panic? Maybe….. But only because I don’t really want to redo all the changeds I made on that version of the book.

I did clean my room….a bit…I can sleep on my bed without having to carve a nitch out of laundry and books so, so that is something! I also realized I don’t have enough hangers for my clothes. Some people might say I have too many clothes…..but I ignore them and go to Buckle.

Next week I really will have to do something. Next week all my kids will be off of school and I will have to leave town. It’s part of my goal to have my kids experience life, the world, etc. I’m not sure where we are going, but it will be epic I’m sure. I’m taking suggestions…..Where would you take the kids if you had two days free and lived in Arizona? Send me your suggestions and you will win the rare prize of knowing you might possibly add to the global education of my children….cause I said so.


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One thought on “break out

  1. You did it! You did take your kids out of town…Okay, I’m slow getting to this blog…I am continually amazed at all the things you get done. You let no moss grow under your feet! Good for you!

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