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Today is the day I double post. I put the same blog entry on my blog here and on my writers group blog at  I always look forward to it. It makes me feel a bit special to be on the bloggin board over at  ANWA. I usually post early in the morning or the night before, but I was busy learning me some math last night so…I didn’t.

I am glad I waited, as I have big news! It isn’t about the awesome day I had teaching 6th grade math and social studies. Or even about the drama at work. No, the real excitement came when I picked up the mail on the way home. There was a BIG white envelope in there….addressed to my son.

As soon as I saw it, I knew it was his mission call. I know I’ve been working for this and praying for this and planning for this his entire life time, but when I saw that big old envelope I admit I dissolved into a puddle of tears. What if they send my boy to Africa? Or India? Or Italy? Well, honestly, if they sent him to Italy I would stow away in his suitcase! I started to panic. My little boy was about to leave me for two whole years?

How am I supposed to let him go? Man, all kinds of thoughts were going through my head, but mostly I was terrified of opening that envelope.

My son is a lot like me, we don’t get real excited about things. We like to keep it cool and just flow with it. I could tell he was a bit excited though because he kept changing chairs in the family room. He finally said, “I could open it now…” instead of waiting for family and such. I said, “you could….” and we both just kind of let that hang in the air. Next thing I knew, he went upstairs to change into a nicer t-shirt for the pictures he was SURE I was going to take. Smart boy.

I was forbidden from taking video, and I wish I had not listened to that, but I did.

We had thrown some guesses out and both felt like Canada would be a good place. Not too far, but still a foreign-ish country.

It was intense watching him cut that envelope open…..

My dear son is going to be serving in the Anchorage, Alaska mission. Two years, out serving the Lord and the people in that cold, cold area. I can’t put into words how proud of him I am. He doesn’t leave until November, but I have a feeling I am going to be emotional for many months.

Every now and then, your kids do something that make you think, just for a second, that you aren’t a complete failure as a parent.

Today is a good day. He did it all on his own, but…I’m feeling good. At least I didn’t mess him up!

Cause I said so.


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3 thoughts on “chilly bones

  1. So excited for Jared! You have been a great mama! As your reward you get to send him out into the world for two years. Oh the blessing you will get! Love you!

  2. By-the-way…I like the picture…the suitcase reflecting Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. It is most appropriate as Jared IS on his journey, and this will be a significant part of that journey!

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