Exer thighs



It was a beautiful Sunday here in the Gobi desert. Hot as Hockey and twice as windy. I don’t mind the wind, but the heat is not my friend. I defied it by staying in my cool house and wearing leggings. Take that you stinking desert heat!

I did venture out for a walk after the hotness cooled its britches a bit. Such an over achiever…. Mae and I walked over to deliver some devilishly good frosted brownies to a lady she visits for church. The woman is a self proclaimed interior decorator so….yeah, I couldn’t help but strain my eyes a bit looking in her front door. Every one knows I am not overly talented in the decorating department. I’m not sure why. I can sew, paint, move furniture, and buy stuff…but when it comes to putting things together, it just doesn’t look amazing. I’ve been surfing Pinterest for weeks, looking for a living room layout I like, but apparently there are no living rooms exactly like mine on the planet.

I’ve visited the furniture store countless times….trying to decide on a couch. It has to be just right. Durable for kids and pets, functional for tall sitters, not take up too much room in my living room, be classy yet not too trendy, and the color of my animals so I don’t have to clean it regularly. I don’t think that is asking too much. Getting a couch used to be way easier than this. Whatever someone else was getting rid of was what we would have. At one time, Brad and I had three couches in our apartment living room. They were great for barricading our hound dog until she ate one. Yes, she ate it. Wood, fabric, cushions and all. She also ate a wooden chair. Let’s just say…..she felt it on the flip side. Dumb as a stump.

It is easier to just take hand me downs than make decisions some times. One of the characters in my book is very much like that. I didn’t realize that was “me” until many chapters into the book. Go figure. I’m hoping my protagonist can figure out how to live with her own decisions and maybe that will rub off on me. Of course….I’ll have to finish the book to find out…..cause I said so.


Photo credit: http://www.wallgc.com

One thought on “Exer thighs

  1. I love the deep soul searching you do in your writing. You’re amazing. I like: “I didn’t realize that was “me” until many chapters into the book.” So cool!
    You’re amazing!

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