Well butter my….


I have reached that fun age when I can’t eat whatever I want anymore. You know, where milk duds really are ‘duds’ and Rocky Road ice cream leaves a rocky road around your middle? I don’t think it is fair or fun. The biggest annoyance is that the craving for these items has not gone away. My body still thinks it is twenty two and cries for candy. It’s like a dang two year old sometimes….just take a nap already!

The funny thing is, when I do break down and have some sugary goodness, I fall asleep. Remember how kids get crazy hyper and run around like maniacs when we give them sugar? Not me, I seriously fall asleep.

The biggest problem with my wanting sugar and not being able to eat it comes from the fact that it causes me actual, physical pain when I eat it. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but my body cries out in a larger than normal scream when I eat junk. You might think this makes it easy to avoid said bad foods, but I still eat them at times.

It makes me feel a little more pity for those people that are addicted to cigarettes and alcohol and such. As outsiders, we may look at them and think they are stupid or weak or possessed by a masochistic demon. But now that I am somewhat in their shoes…I kind of get it. The first time my doctor said I should avoid cheese because it was causing me pain, I should have said ok! no more cheese! Unfortunately, what I did say was….I’ll try drinking peppermint tea after eating my super cheesy nachos and maybe that will help. It didn’t. I’ve tried everything short of giving up cheese to avoid the pain cheese causes me. I wonder if that is what the mom that visits my school does. She comes in and complains about all her stomach issues and how she is sick all the time…and all I can do is hold my breath til she leaves because she is a walking chimney. Maybe she just loves smoking so much she isn’t willing to look at the cold hard fact that cigarettes are killing her. I don’t know, maybe my ideas are just crazy!

I think I’ll get some cheese and crackers and think about it…..cause I said so.


Photo credit: http://images.teamsugar.com/files/upl0/1/12981/08_2008/cheese.jpg

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