Charmed and dangerous



Something happened on the way to my blog tonight…actually, it happened when I opened it up. It looks different. I hate it when things change without me being notified first. Now I have to figure out why it is different and what I need to do differently…I’m way too lazy for that. Don’t change things cuz then I have to put forth effort. The Maroon 5 song has been singing that in my head for days. “I never wanted to stop because I don’t want to start all over….” True dat Adam DEvine….

Change isn’t always a bad thing, but lately….it’s been walking the line. I have changed the topic of my PIVITAL research paper about sixteen times now. It seems that I am only interested in things/topics that cannot be proved by fact or that no one has actually cared enough about to ‘research’ in a way that would make it worthy of citing in a ‘professional like’ paper. Whatever. Researchers are lame. What it comes down to, unfortunately, is the glaring fact that I either don’t care about global issues in general or I’m so caught up in my own little bubble of a world that I don’t have enough brain power left to find out what it going on in the world. Take your pick…I’m too tired to decide which it is. My seventeen year old son tried to catch me up on what is going on in Brazil tonight….sorry world…I suck.

Another change I made this week was with my hair. I have a few grey demons poking their shiny heads up now and then so I decided to be real brave and get highlights to disguise them. To quote Gob, “I’ve made a huge little mistake.” Or whatever he says…. Basically it is one of those times when you THINK nobody notices you made a change with your hair but in reality they all think it looks so horrific they are afraid to mention anything in fear vomit will spew forth from every facial orifice so they pretend not to notice. Yeah, pretty sure the last one is what is going on. There is no way people can’t see these blindingly golden stripes going down my head….so I must look pretty bad. I mean, I don’t blame them, I hate it too. What do you do when you hate your new hairdo? Its a bit too hot for hats….I don’t have any sharpies the right color…I’m not fond of being bald….guess I’ll just have to suck it up and go get a spray tan tomorrow…I mean, if I’m going to go summer blond I might as well have a rockin tan to go with it…..cause I said so.


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One thought on “Charmed and dangerous

  1. Well…I actually DID notice your hair, but with 15 or 16 little kids running around, I didn’t have time to tell you that I like it. Sorry.

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