yo grits


Summer is flying by in a blur. No, it isn’t because I’m having too much fun to be legal, it’s because I’m too busy. I swore I would never take summer school again, and I failed. I gave in to the sweet enticements of a degree finished by December. Peer pressure is nothing compared to the idea of being done with school. I’m so ready….

My classes have been really interesting. I’m sure they would be off the charts interesting if I actually read all the information I was supposed to. I love to read, I really do, but I seem to have developed something that may or may not be called “textbook induced narcolepsy.” Whenever I sit down to read either a text book or an article online, I quickly find myself face down on my desk top, drowning in my own drool. I’m not sure which hormone I have used up to make this illness become a reality but it kind of stinks. I have started planning my ‘study’ time with a fifteen – sixty minute nap after the first ten minutes of work. Its better to be prepared. I have too many papers piled up on my desk to want to clean drool off of them.

I’m really hoping my professors have a sense of humor this late in the game. I cannot seem to write an “essay on self-reflection” without adding a bit of my snarky self. Truth be told, that is what they asked for when they titled it ‘self-reflection’ but, still, there may be some underlying find print that requires us as actual college seniors to hold back the real us and be straight laced and humor free. Bully that, I’m not giving in. Not to toot my own horn, seeing as I don’t own a doorbell let alone a horn, but I did write a few lines that shone a bit as I looked them over. When talking about the people I have met in my many travels, I mentioned some “would give their right arm to help a friend, while others would leave you in a ditch for a yogurt.” This is a true statement, like it or not. Do you have a friend like that? If so, I beg to ask why? Yogurt may be good for the digestion, but is it worth a rotting friend in a ditch?

Sometimes I think I am not a very good friend. Then I remember, I don’t actually have any friends so how could I be bad? I know, you think you are my friend. But are you really? Would you come snake my hairy drains knowing I was going to fill them with hair again in a month? Would you listen to my drama without wanting to smack me in the head and drive over me repeatedly with your truck? Would you want to tell me your hopes and dreams and hear how I can explain them all with movie plots involving monkeys wearing no pants? Not many can stand friendship with me. This could be why I found myself in so many ditches over the years without yogurt. There isn’t much worse than a yogurt free ditch…..cause I said so.


Credit for the photo that has nothing to with anything but I thought was fun….and thought provoking….is found here: http://www.thegreatfitnessexperiment.com/2008/01/other-animals-id-milk.html

2 thoughts on “yo grits

  1. This post, though funny, is a lie.
    You have many friends…I can attest to that. Friends who, when THEY were stuck in ditches, you not only pulled out and dusted off, but also handed over the yogurt…with sprinkles on top, then drove them home! YOU are the friend!
    Many of us could learn lessons in friendship from you.
    Okay, you’ve been busy lately…this is understandable. Those who do not see the wonderful friend you are, should simply be deleted from your list.

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