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I am thoroughly enjoying my new grandson. He is more adorable that I can ever describe. When I look at him I see all my kids and my late husband combined into one perfectly sweet, innocent, beautiful bundle. I love holding him and snuggling him. He smells so good ( most the time). He gives big smiles with his whole face. When he cries, I give him back to his mommy and go on with my day. It’s a beautiful thing really.

My daughter is doing amazingly well at the whole motherhood gig. I have to admit, I had a few small doubts about how well she would do. She is a smart, capable, talented woman….who needs a HUGE amount of sleep. I worried that she would lose her mind or something, seeing as new mommies don’t ever get enough sleep, let alone a HUGE amount. But she has persevered and amazed everyone  around her.

If you are a mother, you understand this miracle. It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of shortcomings a person has before they have kids, after they have a baby they are stronger. There must be something that happens when the baby comes out. Maybe there is a sort of ‘trade off.’ The baby comes out and a sort of super-mom-power goes in. Once you have a baby, you can literally change into another creature when the calling arises.I know, personally, I have changed into a huge, white, long fanged tiger at times. It is usually when someone says something about my kids….negatively….and I instantly turn into that tiger. Look out “person that offended” cuz I will rip your head right off.

We also become softer and stronger at the same time. I used to like scary rides at amusement parks and laugh at sappy commercials on television. When I became a mom I didn’t want my feet off the ground or to be moving in any way at an ‘unsafe speed.’ I had a baby, and then babies, that were counting on me to stay alive. I had to use my head and stay safe. As for the sappy commercials, I now cry when Flo sings the progressive song….as well as when Elves show us their love through baking. It really gets out of hand sometimes. Especially when I’m trying to get my grandson to giggle and a commercial for toilet paper catches my attention. The poor boy is going to grow up thinking he should cry whenever he is laughing. Is that such a bad thing? Everyone would say he takes after his grandma then……cause I said so.


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One thought on “milk drunk

  1. Oh, that rang so many bells, and grabbed my heart! That magical something is Love. True love is kind, generous, patient, forgiving…and all that other good stuff. One is moved to sacrifice what was once so very important in one’s limited world, for this new tiny miracle that is suddenly larger and more significant than an entire galaxy! I know, because that’s how I felt when you came into MY life!

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