capa capa choochoo

I have to admit it. I have a crush on Spencer from iCarly. I know he is a goof ball and totally out of my league (Hollywood) but he is just adorable! I don’t watch much television, but when the kids have iCarly on, I can’t seem to leave the room. I don’t know how annoying it would be to actually spend time with him or his character, but I would be willing to do the experiment. All in the name of Science of course.

You may wonder why I am thinking of Spencer. Especially since Sunday is a tv free day for us. We may watch movies for 7 hours, but NO TV! Its quality family time at it’s best. Anyway, I am thinking of Spence (can I call him Spence?) because of a post I read on Jen Lancaster’s blog. (Jennsylvania) I love this woman. She is a hoot and a half. My sisters and I have all read her books and I really can’t understand why  Michelle hasn’t read them?? Anyway, she is classic snarky humor at its’ best. The post I read today was about her obsession with an espresso maker. The best part was that it was introduced to her in Scottsdale, AZ.  Hello! If I had known she was in town, I would have put on my stalker outfit and parked in her hotel lobby, just to rub shoulders with her. She is a small part of why I write. I wanna be like her when I grow up, although I’d bet a dollar thirty seven she will never admit to being ‘grown up.’

How does this relate to Spence? I’m getting there! Sheesh! The espresso maker she got only made tiny cups of coffee….and it made me think. In one episode of iCarly, Spence made a humongous ‘sculpture’ of a coffee cup. It was large enough for three teenagers to go swimming in. Maybe Jen needs to get ahold of this kind of cup. Although, the way she got hyped up on those tiny cups….it just might send her into a complete overload. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for my favorite author exploding into a super nova of caffeine, I mean, not before I get her to sign my copy of Bitter Is the New Black……cause I said so.

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