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I write wherever I go. My laptop is my best friend. I can fill it with all the thoughts in my head or play a game or read when my head is too jumbled or empty. I think it may make me seem a bit less approachable, but people still talk to me some times. I like to think I am a bit of entertainment to the people around me. I tend to make faces when I write and talk to myself a lot. I also look around at the room and the people around me when I get stuck on something. I don’t really see the people or room….it’s just a way to jump start my brain sometimes. Sometimes I do see something that clicks and gives me the word or inspiration I need to keep going.

It’s funny how things can sometimes fit together when they seem totally unrelated.  It’s almost like I am hunting for a story that is already written, but it has been torn or cut up and the pieces have been sprinkled around the pathways of my life. I may find a piece at home in front of my computer, and I may find a piece sitting in the waiting room at the Driver’s license office while I wait for my son to do his driving test.

Sometimes I see a face I recognize from my story or an item that wants it’s story told. I finally figured out how to work the ‘notes’ application on my phone so I can jot things down. I used to carry a notebook but….less is more when it comes to filling my purse. I would carry a fanny pack if they weren’t so dorky and didn’t make my waist look even bigger. I don’t need any more bulk there.

When I tell people my favorite quote it, “be careful or you’ll end up in my novel,” I’m not kidding at all. The truth is really more like they will BE lucky if they end up in my novel.

People are interesting. There are so many stories out there waiting to be explored and exploited….I mean….shared. I won’t pry too much, but if you have a story to share… I’d like to hear it. Cause I said so.

Photo credit:  http://www.flickriver.com/places/United+States/California/Beverly+Hills/

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