Twist and shout


I am not a fan of the movie Forest Gump. I know, it seems that every other person in the WORLD thought that was the movie of the decade back when it came out, but not me. Brad and I went to see it with our first two kids when they were small. Maybe it was because we had the kids with us, but we walked out and demanded our money back. I thought it was dirty and stupid and should have been rated R. I have watched it again since then and I still was not impressed. I’m not sure why but, it just annoyed me.

I think it is funny how movies seem to shape our lives or at least influence our society at times. At church today our Stake President actually mentioned a movie by name and basically told everyone that went to see it that they were being idolitrous and evil.  Maybe that sounds harsh but…he was pretty harsh. I understand his point though. People, society, has become so addicted to the ‘newest movie coming out’ that we tend to plan our lives around that instead of things that really matter….like service to other, church meetings, hearing the prophet speak, spending time with our families, excercise, and even sleep (guilty!). I know I am guilty of being excited about upcoming movies. I am almost always disappointed when they do finally come out. Makes me wonder why I bother getting excited about them at all. I tend to think that the act of ‘being excited’ is actually what I enjoy and not actually seeing the movie. Is there really so little to be excited about in real life?

We had a birthday party today at my sister’s house. We like to celebrate every one’s birthday on the Sunday following their day. It’s just easier that way. Today we were able to cover three birthdays in one party. Kind of fun.  I love getting together with my family. Today we had added bonuses with Brian, Bryce, Mae and Nick being there. It was a full house! The kids played great, the food was great, the gifts were appreciated, and we only had one person get hurt. (they lived)  As the evening wore on, games came out. The boys played a strategy game that honestly makes my brain turn off. Seriously. I can not play this game. I went in the other room and played a princess game with Q and Rachel til Q lost interest. Ben went to find us a new game and came back with Twister. It was an excellent choice. Rachel called the colors, Q and Ben played, and I watched safely from a distance with my straight leg. ( we shan’t speak of it)

It has been a long time since I played or watched anyone play Twister. I forgot what a fun game it is. It was totally entertaining watching Ben balance in awkward poses and Q stand on her head while reaching for different colors. Watching them made me think of that stupid Forest Gump movie. According to him, life is like  box of chocolates. Whatever….I guess that works. Watching the kids play Twister made me realize that life is actually a lot more like a Twister Game. We are constantly being told or led to different colored spots and told what to do by the world. Wear this, watch that, go here, believe this…..etc. The secret to ‘winning’ the game is in finding your balance and, like Q, using your head. Keep your chocolates Forest…..I’m playing Twister. Cause I said so.


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