Lies, Lies, Lies…I tell ya!!

I am an honest person. I really am. I go out of my way to be honest and truthful and legal. It is almost pathetic how anal I am about it sometimes. I got a cd in the mail from a ‘friend that shall remain nameless for legal reasons’, that was full of songs she liked and thought I would like. It was so sweet of her…and I did like them. So much, in fact, that I decided to repay the favor and send her a disk of some of my favorite songs. I sorted through my “large” itunes library and put together a pretty eclectic assortment of songs. I was pretty proud of myself for having such amazing technology skills….I mean….I have a MAC……
anyway. I put together the disk and wrote all the song titles on it and was getting ready to mail it out to her when I realized…..this was a no no! I was pirating music! I am SO against people stealing music. It is just so wrong. Maybe because I have composer friends…I don’t know.  I just know it is stealing and I don’t like it. So what did I do? I went on itunes and re-purchased all the songs on the disk I had just made. Yes, I actually did. So, now I own two copies of the songs I sent my friend. I don’t know if that is exactly legal, but dang I really tried.
so, anyway, that is my example of my ongoing quest to be ‘honest’ in my dealings with my fellow man.
why, you might ask, do I bring this up now? Well, I would answer, let me tell you…. I was out Christmas shopping with my boyfriend and a few of my kids and we went to our very new old used book store. (awesome title, no?) I got to talking with a woman I think MUST be the owner because she kinda took charge…and she was draggin her oxygen tank around with her. Not your typical employee….anyway, I was braggin about my large collection of books and she asked what I did. You’ll never believe what I told her. Student? no. Mom? nope. Pole dancer? not even. I told her I was a writer. She was impressed and all that….asked if I had been published….reasonable question….no, not yet….
I didn’t have the heart to tell her I haven’t finished any of my books yet…..okay, maybe a few short ones, but still, not published.
What on earth possssed me to flat out lie to this dear sweet woman? I believe it is because that THAT is what I WANT to be. I am sorely tempted to take next semester off of school and just write. But, I know what would happen. I would end up doing all kinds of things that were not even related to writing. So, I am going to stick with school and try to write more. I know I have a great story…I just need to get it out on paper! sigh……I’m pretty sure this is a justifiable reason to hire a maid, nanny, and personal massage technician……cuz I said so.

2 thoughts on “Lies, Lies, Lies…I tell ya!!

  1. You know what.. You are so incredibly honest.. Its one of my favorite qualities you posses.. I feel bad that I was so preoccupied to notice the conversation you had… But you know what you didn’t lie… You are a writer your aspiring I guess cuz your not famous to the world yet but you do have fans… I’m a huge fan.. I love to read what you write. In fact you write so good I usually read your blogs out loud.. So you didn’t lie…
    I do think purchasing the songs twice is a bit much but morally I have not one bad thing to say about it… You are way to awesome for words.
    Love your story once again you wrote something and I read it… That makes you a writer to me.. In fact I can honestly say I have read more of your work then some of the biggest names like Charles Dickens, or Stephen King..

  2. The LIE you’ve been telling is to yourself…you ARE a writer, and a good one…you LIE when you tell yourself you’re not a writer or put everything aside and don’t DO what you know you need to do. I’m not saying that writing is the most important thing in your life…but…it’s higher up than some stuff…I know you can do this…just WHIP it and WHIP it and it’ll come into shape for ya!

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