it’s written in the clouds….

For three or four months out of the year I wonder why in the heck I live in this hot desert. It is hot hot hot and makes life a bit close to miserable. Now it is October and it is just beautiful outside! No, we don’t get the colors of fall, but we do get the awesome cool breezes and mild nights and we are not covered with snow. This is why I like living here. Oh yeah, and all the family that is close by…Can’t forget them.

That is the main reason I moved back to Az. I loved Florida. Yes, even with the hurricanes. Hurricanes can be pretty fun actually. This is coming from someone that never had their house destroyed or even damaged by one. The wind is pretty amazing tho. The trees just whip around…..every which way. I love storms. Storms in the desert are pretty amazing too. Better than a movie some nights. I love to just watch the sky light up in the heavenly show.

We have been having way too much fun with clouds lately. Seems the sky is full of them every time we get in the car….which is a lot ……sigh…..anway, every time we get in the car we look at the clouds and the kids try to find pictures. It is amazing to me what we see! One day, Sarah and I saw a baby with a big bonnet dancing across the sky. It was clear as a bell! The coolest thing…..she and I can see the same things. Sometimes, when Ethan or one of the other kids finds a picture…I can’t see it. But Sarah and I are on the same wave length. We can totally see it together!  The other day I saw the image of an older man lying on his stomach, with his hand reaching down towards earth. It reminded me of Michelangelo and his beautiful ceiling….it also reminded me that our Father in Heaven is close by…watching us. His had is stretched forth trying to guide us as we trip along this highway of life…so if you feel a bit of a ‘cloud’ pushing you towards something….maybe you should go with it….cause I said so.

One thought on “it’s written in the clouds….

  1. I live here and the clouds are amazing. (When we actually have clouds) Payson and Prescott really have then more of the year..

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