Imagine clever title here…

I have a dadgum head cold. You know, I never get sick. I am saving up all my sick days for when the kids are grown. I figure by then I will have enough to get the black plague or something. I just don’t have time to be sick right now. I guess I should have expected it….I have been walking and/or running every morning for over a week (no, my clothes are still too bloody tight) in my effort to get in shape, and today, yes, TODAY, I started on vitamins. I felt great out walking this morning. The weather here is absolutely BEAUtiful! I had my MP3 player blaring out some Rob Thomas and Mr. Buble’ and I was feeling good! I even did a bit of yard work when I got home. I was so amazed that I could rake without my allerges going crazy. Yeah, that should have been a clue! After I showered and cleaned up, my head started hurting, my throat started scratchin and my nose started running. I pretty much hate that. I’ve been tempted to just shove something up my nose to keep from having to blow it every five freakin seconds, but I’m afraid my head might explode if I do. Or would that be an old wives tale? Let me know! Cause, I’m ready!

2 thoughts on “Imagine clever title here…

  1. i’m super impressed with the running/walking you’re doing! woohoo! i haven’t started doing that but i’ve been saying i’m going to so does that count?….and me too on the cold thing. It started today, and i think it’s because someone i won’t name (billy) had to sleep with the window open last night….curses…

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