What happened to November

I was talking to someone the other day and realized that next week is Thanksgiving. I remember as a child just loving Tday! It was my favorite holiday. I don’t know why exactly, but I think it was because it was so much less stressful than Christmas. The whole family would gather at Grandma’s house and cook and visit and eat and play games…then eat some more. We would go across the street and play at the elementary school, regardless of the weather. It was just something we had to do. I remember going to that school when I was quite small. There was a metal bar contraption shaped like a huge dragon. I had a personal relationship with that dragon. I would climb all the way to the dizzying top and talk to him during recess or before school when we had free playground time. I didn’t have loads of friends as a kid and that dragon always listened to me.  I spent many hours up there telling him all my secrets.  As always happens, things do change. We moved to a new town and didn’t always make it home to grandma’s for Tday. Then I got married and moved away. Years later, I took my own children to that same playground and showed them my dragon. It must have shrunk, like people do when they get older, because it was not nearly so high. I climbed up and spoke to the dragon again. He has gotten a bit hard of hearing and his eyes were a bit dull, but he remembered me. He still had all my secrets safely locked inside.  It was comforting, but a bit sad. Time goes by so quickly. Sometimes it seems the day is draggin by, but then when we look back at it, it was just a moment in time. Gone.  I don’t remember much from my childhood and it makes me sad. Not because I want to remember but more because when I look at my children, I want to remember them. I want to remember all the cute, sweet, funny, annoying little things they do each day. And, I know I won’t. I wonder what, if anything, they will remember. Will they remember how I read stories to them every night? Will they remember baking cookies with me? Or will they remember me being busy all the time. Will they remember the time I missed their Turkey dinner in Kindergaten because I didn’t have a car? Golly….I hope they remember something good.

One thought on “What happened to November

  1. All I remember from my childhood is being left out in the rain as a kindergardener when mom wasn’t home one day after school….just kidding! I have hard time remembering things too. Its a goood thing that we have Rhea because she remembers everything…Robby on the other hand thinks he remembers things but in reality he makes things up out of something that happened. Its all boils down to Carpe Diem doesn’t it!

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